- Photographed in August 2018 at Gosford Classic Cars, NSW, Australia

This fantastic looking Javelin has the 6.4 Liter (390ci) V8, with 315 bhp.

Assembled in Australia by Australian Motor Industries, which can trace it's history right back to 1926 when JF Crosby was the Victoria (Australia) distributor for Talbot and Standard Motors.

Tariffs on imported cars encouraged the company to expand in 1955, producing 100 engines per eight hour shift.

Around this time the company bought out their British partner (Standards Motor Products) , and in 1958 was renamed to AMI (Australian Motor Industries), also winning a deal to assemble Mercedes-Benz alongside Standard Vanguard, Triumph Herald and Ferguson Tractors.

This deal ceased in 1965, but back in 1960 AMI had struck a deal withj US Company AMC to import Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kits for construction of right-hand-drive cars for the Aussie market.

Marketing in Australia was a little different, with the Ramblers not being pushed as muscle cars, but rather as high-end luxury vehicles. Options were few as everything was standard equipment.

All these high-end features didn't make the car cheap; the asking price in 1968 was $7495, which was considerably more than the Javelin's main rivals, Holden's HK Monaro GTS with 327 CID V8 ($3790) and Ford's XT GT Falcon ($4200). This resulted in poor sales and the Javelin disappeared from showrooms by 1972 with a total of 258 models produced.

AMI continued to make the Matador and the Hornet until 1977, but only in small numbers. The company's last AMC model was the Gremlin, before mainly focusing on the construction of Toyota vehicles until it was fully acquired by the Japanese giant.

AMI's Port Melbourne plant shut its doors in October 2017.

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