1976 Lamborghini Silhouette: One of the rarest cars produced by the company

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This car began its life as a styling exercise for Bertone and morphed into a production car which would evolve into the more successful Jalpa.

I'm a big fan of old Lamborghini's, check it out the Miura here.



In 1976 Lamborghini were trying to make a more successful version of their Uracco by giving it a more angular style so it would sell to those who loved the Countach but couldn't afford the massive V12 Lamborghini. Initially they asked Bertone, who had designed the Countach and the Miura to come up as a concept and the company liked it so much they tried to put it into production and test the concept.

Sadly, it didn't work and the car was a commercial flop but it is definitely an interesting car and one of the original Baby Lambo's which would help in future when the company looked back at history and introduced the Gallardo.

The Looks

The design of this car was handed to Bertone who had a strong relationship with Lamborghini given the previous success with the company. The car employed the same basic design as the Uracco but with a more angular look, lining it up with the Countach, this style was continued inside the car.

The idea of these cars was to compete with the Ferrari Dino and appeal to the lower end of the super car market. To set this car aside they also added a targa top which was the first time the Lamborghini had ever done this on one of their cars. The car also had large black bumpers as this required by US regulations.

The design influence of the Countach continued on the interior of the car with right angles everywhere going for the futuristic aircraft style, which now looks ridiculous but was considered forward thinking at the time.

The Engine

Apart from the Jalpa, this would be one of the last V8 based Lamborghini's until the introduction of the Lamborghini Urus in 2018. The engine was a mainly Aluminium built 3.0 liter V8, which like the Miura, was transversely mounted in the back of the car to help with small styling and weight distribution.

The engine produced 265 bph and 203 lb-ft of torque and was coupled at the time with a 5 speed manual gearbox.


The Silhouette definitely wasn't one of the fastest cars Lamborghini produced, but in terms of bang for your buck when buying a bull it wasn't that bad either. The car would go from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and go on to 162 mph, producing a nice noise as it did it.


The car was a commercial flop with only 54 produced and today there are only 31 still in existence today making it one of the rarest Lamborghini's ever produced but luckily they were already working on the Jalpa which would take over from both the Silhouette and the Uracco before being scrapped in 1988 when another V8 wouldn't be made by the company for 30 years.

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