- Photos by Davyn Smith

1978 Ford Falcon Cobra

Photos by Davyn Smith

Produced by Ford Australia in 1978, the Cobra was a limited edition Special with an interesting story...

Production of the Fold Falcon XC Hardtop at the Broadmeadows Assembly plant ended in March 1978, but more than 400 body shells were left unsold.

Ford Australia faced a dilemma of how to shift them, rather than scrap them.

A proposal was offered up to turn these cars into black and gold Playboy-themed cars (complete with "bunny" decals) but was quickly rejected as sending the wrong image for a family car company.

Current G.M. Edsel Ford II and a local design team elected to capitalise on Allan Moffat and Colin Bond's crushing 1-2 finish at the 1977 Bathurst 1000 by creating a road car with a "Shelby Mustang" look that could be homologated for racing, while at the same time offering enthusiasts the opportunity to own a street-legal version of Moffat's race car.

The first prototype Falcon Cobra was built in late April 1978 and production began that same July - all cars were given a Serial Number which is imprinted on a plate in the engine bay.

They all received a Cleveland 302ci V8 except one - #351 is a 351ci V8 !

A good pal of mine has one of these, I see it quite regularly :)

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