- Photographed in August 2018 at Gosford Classic Cars, NSW, Australia

1981 Aston Martin Lagonda - Not the prettiest Aston

22w ago


Built between 1976 and 1989, only 645 lagondas were produced!

The Lagonda was the worlds first production car to use computer management and a digital instrument display.

Powered by Aston Martins awesome 5430cc Quad Cam V8 with 4 downdraft carburettors, with 280hp. Top speed was 143mph, with 0-60 in 8.8 seconds.

At least 2 Lagondas were upgraded to a 7 Litre version which produced 440-480hp on pump fuel!

The Lagonda retailed at £49,933 in 1980, significantly more than a Ferrari 400 or Maserati Kyalami but less than a Rolls-Royce Corniche.

The Lagonda weighed over 2,000 kg !