The Dodge Daytona PPG Indy Pace Car was designed for just one reason - showcasing the company's latest platform the public.

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The Dodge Daytona PPG Indy Pace Car is that one-of-one machine designed for just one purpose. Created as a Pace Car for the Indy World Series, it was made to showcase the company’s brand new G platform to people before it went into production. What better way to show this off than putting it in front of millions in a world racing series that the iconic Indianapolis 500 is a part of.

The pace car was created in association with PPG Industries, the official sponsors of the Indy Series. It was based on the standard front-wheel drive, two-door Dodge Daytona. Although three examples of it were built, this one, being the concept vehicle, is totally unique. Since the famous G platform of the Daytona wasn’t placed in production yet, the PPG Indy Pace Car had to be moulded and crafted from the older K platform.

The rear doors were given the axe, and the front ones were lengthened by almost three inches. The roofline was lowered by one inch, and the entire car was placed in a wind tunnel to test the aero. Underneath, a lot of the components are standard Dodge-issued units. Some did have to be custom made, but not everything. The turbo/intercooler combination was good for 12 psi, though the later Stage Two variant could handle up to 15 psi.

The original 2.2-litre four-cylinder was kept, but power was up to 225 horsepower. A five-speed manual sent power to the front wheels, a task they managed quite happily, despite the gracious amount of power. This Dodge Daytona PPG Indy Pace Car will be going on sale at the BONHAMS Collectors Motorcars and Automobilia sale on October 2, 2017.

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