1985 Sinclair c5

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5y ago

The Sinclair C5. Probably the biggest technological flop of the 1980's and sadly it wasn't enough to save Sir Clive Sinclair's failing company from bankruptcy in the mid 1980's, after the massive drop of sales on his 8-Bit computer line the ZX Spectrum.

Now why in the name of hell did i go out and buy one 2 years ago. Well i must say its one of the most under-rated pieces of transport ever made! Having your arse about 1 inch from the ground is utterly terrifying but at the same time so much fun. Being so close to the ground you don't feel as if you are going 15 MPH ;more like you are going 40 and trust me that's as fast as you want to be going in something that is made out of the same plastic that the British wheelie bin is made of. Yet I still feel the need to spend 2 days charging up a 12 Volt leisure battery (I know I should be using a deep discharge battery) just to go for a ride in it and it still only does about 15 miles before you run out of juice.

I had a really horrible time trying to get it beck from a local village near where I live, and being East Yorkshire that meant i had to go up and down hills just to get the thing home. I promise you pedalling a low down tricycle with a 12 volt battery on board isn't the best thing you want to be doing on your saturday afternoon and thank heavens the C5 keeps enough charge in the battery as reserve for the lights as you need them to be seen rather than to see when stuck in that situation.

Not only is it one of the best thrill rides you will have on the road, you WILL be the center of attention wherever you go in it. No matter how hard you try and be inconspicuous someone will see you; you'll get people pointing, waving. Shouting and laughing to themselves.

So why did I buy mine... I've been obsessed with the 1980's since a child. Even my mother thinks I was born in the wrong era. So naturally when I was 8 and saw one of the things stacked up in a pile at Kevin Marshall's Antiques ( It is still there to this day, 9 years on ) I knew from that point on i had to have one. So in 2014 I trawled the internet trying to find one. After a week of waiting it arrived down my back street in the back of a HGV in... the middle of a storm.

The C5 in it's present state of disarray.

The C5 in it's present state of disarray.

After 2 years of service to me i have decided i will be selling the C5 later this week due to having to pay for my car insurance. Hence why i wanted to write this article as a final send of for it really.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Oh, that needs to be cleaned up and put in a museum. :-)

      4 years ago