1988 Bayleaf Artisan 100 1/2 Ton

Bayleaf's 1/2 Ton Full Size Pickup Truck

Okay, so I have been posting the cars that my fictional car manufacturer, Bayleaf Automotive, without even introducing it yet. So yeah, here's some really short introduction to it as well.

Bayleaf Automotive is a car manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada that was founded in 1946 and became defunct due to bankruptcy in 2008. The company makes cars and trucks that are geared towards car and truck enthusiasts.

Anyways, so here's the truck:


Body Types: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab

Chassis Type: Ladder Chassis

Chassis Material: Corrosion Resistant Steel

Panel Material: Corrosion Resistant Steel

Front Suspension: Solid Axle Coil Springs

Rear Suspension: Solid Axle Leaf Springs

Weight: 2104 kg - 2252 kg depending on variant and body type

Drive Type: 4X4

Engine: Wahoo OHC Small Block 61I 90° V8 SOHC 16 Valve

Engine Block Material: Cast Iron

Engine Head Material: Cast Iron

Engine Displacement: 6097cc

Engine Compression Ratio: 7.4:1

Fuel System: Single Point EFI

Power Output: 284.5 hp @ 5000 RPM

Torque Output: 437.0 Nm @ 3300 RPM

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual, 4 Speed Advanced Automatic

1st Gear ratio: 3.02:1 (Manual), 2.20:1 (Automatic)

2nd Gear ratio: 1.95:1 (Manual), 1.42:1 (Automatic)

3rd Gear ratio: 1.37:1 (Manual), 1.00:1 (Automatic)

4th Gear ratio: 1.00:1 (Manual), 0.750:1 (Automatic)

5th Gear ratio: 0.750:1 (Manual)

Differential Type: Open

Final Drive Ratio: 4.31 (Manual), 4.87:1 (Automatic)

Front Tires: 255/85R16 132A Hard Radial

Rear Tires: 255/85R16 132A Hard Radial

Wheel Material: Steel

Front Brakes: 325mm 3 Piston Vented Disc

Rear Brakes: 325mm SLS Drum

Interior: Standard

Entertainment: Standard Cassette

Safety: Standard 80s

Top Speed: 219 km/h (Regular Cab Automatic)

0-100 km/h: 9.66 seconds (Regular Cab Automatic)

¼ Mile time: 17.34 seconds (Regular Cab Automatic)

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