- Gerhard Berger's F1 car for sale!

1989 Ferrari 640 F1 Car For Sale!

1y ago


A Luxembourg based exotic car dealer, Art and Revs, have listed for sale this 1989 Ferrari 640 F1-89.

The F1 car has been restored by F1 Clienti and has been given Classiche certification

The Formula 1 car was Austrian driver Gerhard Berger's car during the 1989 Grand Prix in Mexico, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany. The car is chassis 110 and has been under restoration since 2011 by Ferrari F1 Clienti, resulting in the Formula 1 car being given Classiche certification.

The car has covered just 150KM since being restored

The V12 engine produced 600BHP during it's F1 days, and the car has covered just 150KM since it's full restoration. Unfortunately, you need to enquire in order to be told the price, but you can view the car for sale here.

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