1995 993 Ruf BTR

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A couple years back a close friend of mine was lucky enough to own this 1995 BTR RUF conversion. This was well before I understood the significance of the RUF components and how they were able to transform the 993 Turbo into a purpose built track king. This particular car is a BTR conversion RUF meaning it did not start it's life at RUF Automobile GmbH in Germany. In '95 RUF made 18 chassis BTR's or original cars, and they also had these conversion available for post production.

The RUF conversion begins with a RUF BTR single-turbo engine kit for the 3.6 Liter Flat-Six. This includes: RUF Intercooler, RUF Camshafts, RUF Built Transmission, a free-flowing RUF exhaust system, higher-flowing Fuel Injectors, a new engine wiring harness, and a RUF/Bosch Montronic Engine Control System. A Turbo S tail has also been added to house the intercooler. Mahle pistons reduce the 3.6 Liter's compression from 11:3:1 to 8:4:1, to help handle the single KKK Turbo's 11.6 psi of boost. RUF also installed a suspension kit that includes springs and Boge shocks, which lowers the body about 30 mm. A solid aluminum-billet front shock tower brace, and anti-roll bars that double the stock stiffness.

Addition RUF upgrades include: RUF Shift Knob, RUF Pedal Set, RUF Floor Mats, RUF Steering Wheel, RUF Door Sills, Carbon fiber dash, and RUF 18" Wheels.

He has sense moved on and purchased a Ferrari 360 Stradale Challenge, but he looks back on the ownership of the BTR fondly. In short, he describes his time with the car as an education in chassis balance and raw power. 911's can quickly teach you how little, you may think you know about car control. BTR's turn that up to 10. The BTR package in his eyes could only be surpassed by the 360 Stadale and that speaks volumes about how great BTR conversion is. RUF Porsche's have been an icon sense the yellow bird made internet fame on the Nordschleife. The BTR echos that raw no bullshit drivers car.

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