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1997 McLaren F1 with 148 miles for sale

The owner himself has never sat in the car before

This F1 is being called the 'lowest-mileage McLaren F1 in existence' with just 148 miles on the clock. The 148 miles from what I've heard is from factory testing following the car's immediate completion. So, in other words, this car has never been driven on the road since it left the factory. The Japanese owner has never even sat in the car himself so it almost certainly represents the best-preserved example of the F1 in existence. It still has its factory protective wrapping on

It has been predicted by experts to be the most expensive F1 ever sold. The current record is held by a 9600-mile example that sold for £11.8 million at Pebble Beach.

You probably thought that was it right? Well, not only that but it also comes with leather-cased owners handbook, Facom tool chest, tool roll with its original gold-plated titanium tools, spare set of keys, full luggage set still in its factory protective wrapping, ultra-rare commemorative TAG Heuer watch with the chassis number (060) engraved on the face. All of these extra items have never been used.

I'm still not finished. Not only do you get all of the above but you will also get a removable steering wheels, a carbon drivers seat with the F1 logo on them, yellow insert straps on the drivers seat and the hand-painted signature of F1 designer Gordon Murray on the rear right-hand side of the body.

Will this car ever be driven? Will the factory protective wrap ever be taken off? Check the link below to see the UK Dealership that currently have it up for sale

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  • This is the most pathetically sad thing I have ever read - the car's belts and rubber fittings must be powder by now, and woe betide anyone who wants to turn it over ! The engine will be filled with oil and water sludge and be corroding and decomposing everywhere...the gold foil will be oxidising and the titanium will be oxidising and I fear for the state of the cf aramid for delamination...The thing will need a complete overhaul before it turns a wheel...Rowan Atkinson's F-1 is one of the finest of them all for being on the road every single day, serviced, cared for and most of all DRIVEN ! This thing is as ridiculous as the LaFerrari prototype which cannot be driven - a waste of a fine car all in the name of greed...cars are meant to be driven into the ground. full stop.

      4 years ago