£1K Fine for driving with dirty number plates

44w ago


Drivers are being urged to make sure their number plates are fully visible, as having a dirty plate which is hard to read could result in a fine.

The police have the power to fine you up to £1000, despite this a £100 fine is a more realistic figure. Nevertheless, this is still an amount of money you'll probably want to avoid losing.

As the winter gets harsher, there is more grit and wet muck on the roads, leading to cars becoming extremely dirty quicker than most owners realise.

While having a dirty car is not against the law, having a covered numberplate could land you in trouble.

Simply give your registration a regular wipe, while doing the same with the lights to improve visibility.

Tell us in the comments if you've ever been stopped for having a dirty number plate. Do you think the fine is fair?

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  • Great idea. People in the state of Vermont are adverse to cleaning their cars, you can’t see the numbers on the plate as the person in the left lane is doing 50mph in a 70mph zone, u see a hint of green, ahhhh, Vt!

    10 months ago
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