2 Days To Go - Let's Go Dallara F317 Racing With AussieStig - Round 6 Zandvoort

You can watch the race live from around 9:05pm here, just look for the AussieStig series stream at the top of the SRS page. www.youtube.com/channel/UCNaxc8299fNbFtmDnropH8A

We'll be racing with fixed setups, which should make for some exciting racing. Join up for free here: www.simracingsystem.com

Session schedule*: 21:00

Qualify Length: 00:10 // Race Length: 00:20

Starting Mode: FastStanding // Fuel Usage: 100

Tire Usage: 100 // Mech Failures: 1

Race Start Time: 13:00 // Race Time Scale: 1

Mandatory pitstop: no // nÂș Races: 1

Driving aids: TC: 1 // AB: 1 // SC: 0

See you all on track, cheers, #AussieStig SimRacing, #BsimRacing - Sim Racing Resources #D-BOX Sim Racing #D-BOX #Sparco Gaming #Sparco Official #Thrustmaster #Vesaro #Oculus #Hankook Motorsport Tyre - Asia #Nwrap Graphics #Assetto Corsa #Sim Racing System

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