20 reasons to love motorcycles

I made this video two years ago. But it is always useful when someone said some bullshit as Jeremy Clarkson did...

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20. The air on your face, on your body

19. Total immersion in the ambient

18. Caress the tarmac with the soles

17. The "stock" when you enter the first gear

16. Cornering with all your body

15. Drive with the foots... and with the ass

14. The acceleration

13. Stopping when I want and where I want

12. The kids in tha car or on the street. They always look at you and say hello. And also the fathers who envy you

11. Tame the beast

10. The design of each singular detail

09. The tach!

08. The front brake

07. You're on but you're also in

06. The road

05. Climb over a pass

04. Leting her seduce you

03. Giving her some present

02. Pulling the gears to the perfect rpm, without clutch, only hearing the engine

01. The trajectory

And what's about you?

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