20 ugly cars that are actually beautiful

Sometimes you lot are just too mean on these cars

4y ago

Some cars are just plain ugly like the Ssangyong Rodius. Yes, I've already mentioned the Rodius, but don't worry it hasn't made the list of ugly cars that are actually beautiful. This is because there is no redemption in anyway shape or form for the Rodius. I mean just look at it.

However, the following 20 cars I think have a case for being so ugly, they are actually beautiful in their own special way. Every car should be given a second chance! (Except the Rodius, that should die).

20. Daimler SP250 dart

It may have a protruding mouth and look a bit like a bottom feeding fish, but it has a classic elegance about it too right?

19. Porsche cayenne

The Cayenne received a lot of name calling on release, but surely it doesn't deserve it that much? I think you guys were just lashing out at Porsche doing a 4x4. It's ok to admit you like it because everyone has done a 4x4 now, even bloody Bentley.

18. Yugo GV

Stick a Fiat badge on this and you have a cool hatchback, but because it has a Yugo badge it's considered ugly. How dare you.

17. CItroen 2CV

The large cult following of the 2CV means it has some love, but in general, it is considered an fugly farm car. Just saying it now, as I may say it again later, French cars are all damn cool. Prove me wrong.

16. Nissan Cube

True, if I took the Nissan Cube home to North Wales, I'd have the whole village laughing at me, and rightly so as I would look absolutely ridiculous. However, place this in the city as intended, and it is a pretty cool looking car.

15. Jeep CHerokee

Why does this get hate? It looks aggressive and fierce. It may be shit, but I don't think it is ugly.

14. Volvo 240

I may have a massive soft spot for Volvos, but how can anyone call the Volvo 240 ugly? I've heard a variety of people saying it's boring and Volvo saloons are ugly, but they just aren't. The Volvo image of being safe may be boring, but the simple design of the 240 is Scandinavian cool, and I'll not have a bad word said.

13. DeLorean DMC-12

With the DeLorean you either love it or hate it. It was a truly awful car mechanically and was crap to drive, but for looks it is a triumph. It may look dated, but image seeing this when it came out in the early 80's, not ugly.

12. Renault Vel Satis

A very poor selling car, the Vel Satis has plenty of critics. However, I think Renault's design was very forward thinking and it genuinely a beautiful car. It's different and French, so by default, it isn't ugly.

11. Plymouth Prowler

I may have to change the list to 19 cars that are so ugly they are beautiful, as I have changed my mind about the Prowler. It is actually ugly as sin. I'm not sure in what context you couldn't look like an absolute pratt in this.

10. Ford Anglia

The Anglia is full of character. It may look like it has a dodgy pencil moustache or the kid at school that has a milk moustache, but calling it ugly is just mean.

9. Citroen Ami

Whenever I see this car I immediately think of the Men in Black alien. Are you calling him ugly?

8. Austin Allegro

I'll admit this is a truly shit car, but its design isn't that bad is it? It's like a grandad that wants a hug.

7. Porsche panamera

I was one of the first people to criticise the look of the Panamera, for the same reasons that you all criticised the Cayenne. However, I can see the error of my ways in an objective way. Would I buy one? Fuck no. Would I call it ugly? Definitely not.

6. Studebaker Avanti

I'd never heard of this car last until joining DriveTribe, but now I love it. To hear some of the DriveTribe office calling this ugly, really hurt me on a deep level.

5. Chrysler PT Cruiser

This is often cited as one of the ugliest cars ever. It isn't a Ferrari, I'll give you that, but it kind of has some redeeming areas. OK, I'm on the fence.

4. Ford Scorpio

It may look like a frog, but it's a lovable frog. Look, the designer tried something a little 'out there' but you can't call his creation 'one of the ugliest cars of all time' as many of you do. It's... cute.

3. Fiat Multipla

Everyone's favourite car to call ugly, but it has had its day in the sun of hate. It is time for all of us to leave it alone, and think if it as 'avantgarde.' It just wants to be loved.

2. Aston Martin Lagonda

This was another car that has been criticised as ugly, but come on.... It's a stunning car. It may look like an ant-eater, but it is not ugly.

1. Tatra 603

I've seen this listed as the ugliest car of all time a number of times, but it I just can't see it. Its got an 'interesting' front, but by no means ugly. The Tatra 603 should be considered a beautiful car of the 50's, and nothing else.

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      3 years ago
  • Stop using drugs and write articles after

      3 years ago
  • Saab 900 should be here :)

      3 years ago
  • I think this is “astoundingly ugly”...... but that’s just me, fortunately it’s fast enough not to stay in one place very long..... 😀

      3 years ago
  • Is it you James May?😂

      2 years ago