Honoring 20 Years Of The Porsche Carrera GT

Celebrating 20 insane years of one of the best and one of the last analog supercars of all time

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Porsche is one of the most revolutionary companies and manufacturers to ever exist on this earth. Once we look back at the German manufacturers past, we can see how much Porsche has really evolved throughout the generations. Porsche have really changed the game with many of their cars and race cars, such as the 365 models, the 911 or the 917. As well as their present-day hyper car, the Porsche 918 Spyder, which is also part of the current Holy Trinity. Furthermore, Porsche have created some of the finest and most supreme supercars and cars of all time. Now with the times changing, cars have been developed to be more powerful and more easy to occupy and drive. Analog is starting to become more and more rare, in addition to being less known as well. You might ask, what is one of the last standing Porsche analog cars? And today I will show you... I will show you one of the best supercars ever produced.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT

In the late '90s Porsche decided to develop another race car to compete in the 24Hours Le Mans. They had a prototype race car which was and is basically the Porsche Carrera GT. The Porsche Carrera GT is a mid-engine sports car that was manufactured by Porsche. The Carrera GT is a car enthusiasts and petrol heads dream sports car, one of the most desirable and most loved sports cars in the world. Sadly, but also fortunately they decided to not produce and make it into a racing car for Le Mans. Instead, Porsche decided to produce this iconic sports car as a concept car. On the 28th of September in the year of 2000, the German company presented and displayed the V10 Porsche Carrera GT concept car.

The world went into a shock, the Porsche Carrera GT was something out of a dream... no one at the time, has really ever seen something like this before. Usually, design for cars, sports cars and supercars in the early 2000s was not the best or the most eye catching. Yet, the Porsche Carrera GT definitely was eye candy to most petrol heads eyes. Even though the Carrera GT never made it to compete in Le Mans, it still holds its roots and heritage in racing, which is portrayed in the design and the performance of the car.

The Design

The Porsche Carrera GT has such a distinctive design and look to it, it brought its motorsport feel into the car world, with different, specific and scrutinizing features that is also used in racing. The Carrera GT also has a very significant aerodynamic package and feature, with a downforce kit that uses ground effect to have a more stable car and driving line while driving or racing in high speeds. As well as the rear wing, the Carrera GT rear wing is a very noticeable and well known feature of this sports car. The wing stations automatically at a speed of about 74 mph, also a very useful and helpful feature allows you to also use and active the rear wing manually. This is a very advanced sports car for its time...

The Chassis and body also shaped designed and the way cars have looked in the future, since the plans of racing in Le Mans were over with and dismissed, the chassis, base and engine were still there. So the workers and Porsche decided to work around, re work and re-design it into a road legal sports car for the road. They also added the famous color coding wheels with the center locks, the inside has a very simple but prominent look. With very comfortable and practical bucket seats to the wooden gear shift that sits in the high middle part of the car. This carbon fiber chassis was the first ever production carbon fiber Porsche made, it obviously has a very special place in Porsche's and our hearts.

The statistics

The 5.7L V10 435 lb-ft of torque Porsche Carrera GT, was run into production in the year of 2004, about a total of 1,500 Porsche Carrera GT'S had been sold and made. The Carrera GT had a total output of 612hp, making it not only one of the most powerful supercars at its time but also one of the quickest. It can do knot-62mph in a time of just 3.2s, which is insane for its time period and compared to its other rivaling cars. The 6-speed manual transmission is one of the smoothest and sharpest gearboxes out there. Not only did this car excel performance wise, it also excelled sound wise.

The sound of the Porsche Carrera GT is one of the most distinctive and one of the best super car sounds ever to be heard. It has made a name for its self in the sound area, making it one of the best sounding sport cars in the world. In addition to having one of the most famous sports car sounds, the V10 roaring in your ear is truly like nothing else you have heard. The sound is especially profound in the convertible version, it will leave you speechless every time you hear it. This AWD supercar is one of the greatest cars out there, and after 20 years it is still one of people favorites. Porsche had made a phenomenal sports car that exudes performance and styling into one. It has proven and shown to be one of the most exceptional and extraordinary supercars in the world.

It is shaped by perfection and performance, the German styling and German point of view created a masterpiece. Even the famous Porsche hater, Jeremy Clarkson admitted to loving this amazing car...

"this is the most exciting, the best-looking, the most expensive and the fastest road going Porsche ever made"

Jermey clarkson, top gear

Porsche set out to create a revolutionary and game changing sports car, and they succeeded at such a high and complicated task. They had to create something practical but also unique. Many doubters thought this wouldn't be as exiting as past cars, or that it won't live up to the Porsche Name, but as usual they were wrong...

And 20 years from now, the Porsche Carrera GT is still one of the most known and one of the most desirable sports cars in the world. It still exceeds limitations for today's standards, blessing us with the sound of its V10. The year of 2020 has been an interesting and horrific one, but now us car enthusiasts can celebrate, remember and look back 20 years at the astonishing, legendary and iconic Carrera GT.

Congratulations Porsche, you did it again...

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