- 2003 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Type 996 (Image Porsche AG)

    2003 Porsche 996 GT3 RS: old school analogue 911

    An appreciating investment that really should be driven - hard.

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    In some ways the 2003 Porsche 911 996 GT3 RS was turning point for Porsche GT cars. Initially, never intended to be a permanent model, the 2003 911 GT3 RS was the first car that Andreas Preuninger, head of Porsche’s GT cars division was fully responsible for. Today, the 996 GT3 RS can be seen as the first RS of the modern era.

    996 GT3 RS (Image Porsche AG

    996 GT3 RS (Image Porsche AG

    It was introduced for the 996 generation of 911 in 2003 as a homologation special. Only around 680 were built in total with a reported 140 right-hand-drive 996 GT3 RS’.

    At home on the track


    Evolutionary Homologation model

    Porsche's key directive was to homolgate the GT3 RSR for racing. Consequently, this opened up new opportunities for Porsche. The 996 GT3 RS could be registered on the road and was an excellent vehicle for clients looking for a track machine. Porsche had successfully opened up a new market for its 911.

    Aero was important (Image Porsche AG)

    Aero was important (Image Porsche AG)

    The 996 GT3 RS can now be seen as a starting point for the success of Porsches GT cars. The latest 991.2 GT3 and GT3 RS building on the 996's raw and early market success. The 996 GT3 RS was light, fast and a true analogue experience.

    Red RS Wheels and Carbon brakes (Image Porsche AG)

    Red RS Wheels and Carbon brakes (Image Porsche AG)

    The 996 GT3 RS was a great looking Porsche 911. The example in Carrera White paintwork with Guards Red lettering with its huge aero and red wheels looks just right amongst todays 911 GT's.

    2003 911 GT3 RS (Image Porsche AG)

    2003 911 GT3 RS (Image Porsche AG)

    Todays values

    Today, the 996 GT3 RS is very rare and collectible 911. If you purchased one new at around £85,000 it never really was hit by depreciation. A good example with low miles and no track work can fetch upwards of £250,000. Some examples fetching much more.

    The hard decision if you can afford to buy one today is investment only and garaged away or road and track warrior? Hard choice to make? Well, not really.

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    • A 996/7 GT3 RS is very high on my list, though probably not high enough to ever justify their going price.

        2 years ago


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