If anyone knows how to make a stunning looking car it's Aston Martin! I haven't often had an opportunity to photograph one, let alone take my time and some half decent shots!

OK, you can close your mouth now, let's have a look at some pictures!

Aston Martin DB9 Facts

Possibly the ultimate British Grand Tourer, the DB9 was released at the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The DB9 was the first model built at Aston's new Gaydon facility.

The DB9 is built mostly of Aluminium.

Power is from a 5.9 Litre V12. the same engine as the Aston Martin Vanquish.

The "DB" in DB9 stands for the initials of the original Aston owner, David Brown.

Although it was the successor to the DB7, the car was not called a DB8 because it was feared that people would think it only had a V8 engine. So if somebody tries to sell you a DB8 - run!

The early (up to 2008) DB9's produced 450hp. From 2009 to 2013 power was lifted to 470hp, then in 2013 upped again to 510hp.

The DB9 has 3 modes - Normal, Sport and Track.

The DB9 has been raced very successfully in various sports car categories, and customers could buy a race-tuned version straight from the factory. James May drove one in the fabulous Top Gear special "Searching for Driving Heaven". Drove it naked in fact.

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