2008 Vauxhall Corsa SXI

A unbaised review on my brilliant car.

3y ago

The Vauxhall Corsa SXI, to be precise my Vauxhall Corsa SXI. Before you ask yourself, he is going to be nice about it and move on, I’m not I have a very love hate relationship with this car, which means this review will be completely unbiased.

To start we shall look at the exterior of the car and if you look extremely closely, especially from where I am standing it looks remarkably like a jaguar f-type. Sorry, wrong car. it looks like most Vauxhalls from the 2000’s bland and boring, to be fair the face lifted version looks better but then it looks too fat. Although a prior owner to myself took it upon themselves to fit a ghastly new radiator grille. Apparently, it is a Irmscher grille, yep me neither, I had never heard of them when I got the car. This is one of the things that I hate about the car it looks out of place and makes the front of the car incredibly boring, a bit like Futurama. Moving along the side it looks like any 2008 Vauxhall Corsa except it is slightly lower and has SXI badges on the side, again very boring and bland. The back is more yuk and bland a bit like macaroni cheese. Oh, sorry nearly forgot it has a chrome shiny exhaust pipe, yep that’s it.

The interior again typical Vauxhall of this era went with dodgy cheap plastics and black and grey colours. As a result, the interior is nearly as bad as the exterior, other than contrast stitching on the seats which is a nice touch. But you may say is it well built, the answer is no. One of the hinges on the glove compartment has snapped, which as a result means it never shuts straight, driving my OCD up the wall. As an added bonus the entire centre console moves I mean you can literally move it about, brilliant build quality then. As a bonus, the very well-designed Cup holders in this car can hold a 2-litre bottle of water. Sorry unbiased I forgot, well they don’t really hold anything very well maybe a can but other than that, not much else. Change maybe but again that’s really it. The back seats are even more boring than the front so I will leave them out all together and it has a boot.

Driving then, where the car can claw its way back, again no. The ride is far to jiggly and bumpy meaning you are shaken to pieces by the time you get anywhere. When going fast on country lanes it becomes bouncy and quite scary. It can handle corners quite well though remaining flat-ish. It also has a fairly decent throttle response, shame then this car has no power what so ever. It is a 1.4 which means it is immediately better than any chav boy racer out there. But against a fairly sprightly snail, you would probably lose. Although this car is/ can be very economical, once I got 450 ish miles out of a full tank, pretty good I thought. That in total cost me about £45, from empty, again very good value for money.

Overall then this car Is decent enough, and for a first car I would recommend it as it is cheap to run and own. But lets, be honest it is fundamentally flawed in other areas. Meaning that my opinion on this car is very mixed, I wouldn’t say it was good but equally not bad. So yet again a completely pointless review from me.

By the way there is a video on YouTube with this car in it, so go and check it out the link is below:


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