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It’s December. Christmas fanatics can now legitimately decorate their homes with tinsel and don seasonal jumpers at the weekends.

It’s also the time of year when generosity and a self indulgence abound. It’s these festive traits that give rise to the latest Garage Plans classifieds challenge.

Imagine, a generous dollop of two hundred thousand pounds lands in your bank account. How best would you self-indulgently splash the cash on one car in the classifieds this winter?

The budget puts the very best 997 GT3 RSs within striking distance but despite the models undoubted brilliance the inflation of 911s in recent years seems too much to swallow for this imaginary collector.

Instead, my make believe bank balance is getting transferred to Graypaul Ferrari Nottingham in return for its 2009 F430 Scuderia. Is there anything more indulgent than an Italian supercar for Christmas? Unsurprisingly, the Rosso Corsa paintwork fits the theme too.

The car has been tastefully specced with a Nero Alcantara interior and yellow stitching. I’m a particular fan of the LED shift lights poking out from the top of the carbon fibre steering wheel.

At £199,500 its only just within budget. However, for a car that’s rumoured to have matched Enzo lap times at Fiorano, I don't think I’d feel short changed. Also, in comparison to the limited run 430 16M and the universally adored 458 special, the Scuderia looks comparatively good value.

Perhaps this makes it both an indulgent and financially responsible Christmas present? Putting the £ figures to one side, I suspect the only number that really matters is 8500. That’s the point at which the Scuderia’s rev-meter is red lined.

I enjoy a good carol service but a singing Ferrari V8 is a sweet, sweet sound indeed.

What’s your present of choice this year?

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