200Tdi bits are getting scarce!

2y ago

Had something of a nightmare over the last three months as my LR110 CSW blew most of it sump oil out of the dipstick tube. Some replacement oil solved the immediate problem, (followed by a slow recovery home by the RAC), but the 'why' was a mystery. Taking the engine apart demonstrated lots of stuff I would rather not have known; the oil control and one compression ring were stuck in all cylinders; the bearings were all worn through the white metal, the bores were worn and slightly oval. Pressure testing the head before refurbishing it proved a crack between the water jacket and the exhaust port. There are NO new 200Tdi heads in the aftermarket; pistons and rings are not as common as you would think. The final bill for taking it to bits, replacement head pressure tested and reconditioned, getting the engine rebored and rebuilt, getting the diesel pump rebuilt, new injectors, new rear dampers, a full service and put back together is the thick end of £6,000.

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  • got a couple of 200tdi heads sitting in the back of my Landy if ya interested

      2 years ago
    • Quite likely. Unless they pass a pressure test, they are scrap, which makes things a bit of a lottery.

        2 years ago
  • don't worry mate your not alone, on my dads one in the last 6 or 7 years we've broken 2 clutches. 3 glow plugs, a handbrake, a halfshaft, a propdshaft, 3 alternators and 2 starter motors

      2 years ago
    • I have done something like 200k in it, so the engine rebuild is not unwarranted, but I am getting grief from my wife who believes the LR is "delicate" as her car needs nothing. (Then her car has done less than 20k in her hands). Anyone who runs a...

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        2 years ago