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    Chevrolet Camaros are just one of the best American Muscle cars in the world, in my opinion. You can't go wrong with them. They're beauty, ellegence and aggressiveness all in one. This one here in particular is owned by a good friend of mine, James Anderson. James, proudly serves in our United States Military... has done so for a good bit of time now... can we all just take a brief moment and a round of applause for all the MURICA in this post. Camaros and the ass kickin' US Army. God damn, Uncle Sam must be proud.

    2003 Mustang GT

    2003 Mustang GT

    James wasn't always team chevy; there was a point in time when he drove around in a maroon Mustang GT, and yep, you guessed it. It was straight piped. If mustangs are known for anything, they're known for being loud and obnoxious. But hey, it's better than a Honda right? Oh, speaking of Honda... one day, James ended up getting into an accident, which ended in him getting stuck with a 2003 Civic. Moment of silence for this devastating tragedy... But anyhow, he used that little ol' Civic for a long while; pushing over 280,000 miles on that thing. Once James came to San Antonio he knew it was time for a major upgrade. A MAJOR upgrade.

    He contemplated on getting another Mustang, -rolls eyes- but thankfully, after a test drive he decided otherwise. He thought about getting a Challenger, but those damn things way more than any muscle car should. So that leaves only one more option. The Camaro; ah yes, the name alone just rolls of the tongue. He fell in love with it almost immediately, and he knew then that was the car he wanted.

    South Texas Redlines very own, Athena

    South Texas Redlines very own, Athena

    Now, can you blame him for going with the Camaro SS? Just look at the thing. He even picked the right color man. That perfect silver with those subtle hints of black on the hood spears and those kick ass black wheels. He did us Chevy fans proud that's for sure. Don't even get me started on that sweet sound of a early morning cold start. The best sound in the world if you ask me. I guess that's how this girl earned her name, the perfection is hard to miss. It has just the right amount of curves and just the right amount of bulkiness.

    As far as performance goes, they rank right in the thick of things. Pushing 426 stock horsepower on 6.2L V8 engine, with about 420lbs/ft of torque, and only weighing just above 3800 lbs. Chevy outdid themselves yet again. The perfect American Muscle machine.

    I also think we should take a moment to thank the man that ignited the fire within James, and opened the doors into the car world for him... Mr. Billy Anderson. If it weren't for the people that introduced us to such an amazing community then we'd be lost and we'd be screwed driving a 2003 Honda Civic. We all have a guide and a reason for loving this life so much and we need to appreciate those people, because in a sense they helped make us who we are today. So, Billy Anderson... may God rest your soul and THANK YOU for giving James a glimpse of what his life would be in the future.

    Athena owned by James Anderson.

    Athena owned by James Anderson.

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