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2013 Toyota Matrix Review

Toyota have always been a nice, reliable car brand that made decent looking cars. So, that's what I thought the Matrix would be when Toyota announced that they'd be putting a new hatchback into production. I thought they'd make a sensible, good-looking car. But no. Instead, what they'd made is a dreadful looking thing that redefined ugly.

The exterior, with its sub-par design, is no Supra. The front hood is average and boring. It looks like its come straight off of a Toyota Echo. Then, there's the front grille, which, if you don't look closely enough, can seem non-existent. And, when you do finally realize that the car does actually have a grille, you'll recoil in disgust, because it looks like its never gone to the dentist, let alone heard of one. The, once you think you've seen it all, you'll notice the doors, whose styling looks like it's from the 1980s, and not the fun bit of the 80s when hot hatchbacks and DeLoreans were made. No, the dreary bit of the 80s, when station wagons were made, and sold to therapists called Bob and moms called Dorris. And, for the icing on top, you'll notice that the wheels are too big for the car, making it look like it once had aspirations to be a monster truck and live at Hammond's house.

Then, you'll open up one of those 80s doors, and take a seat inside the car. Enter the world of cheap labor, plastic, and cloth. The first thing you might notice is that fact that the whole dash, yes all of it, is made from flimsy plastic. Everything from the steering wheel to the radio console, which also looks like it's from the 80s, is engulfed in plastic. Next, you'll look down at what you're sitting on, and notice that it's made from an iconic 80s material, pleblon. The whole interior is so dreadful in fact, that it's depressing.

However, you can buy this car for a pretty reasonable price.

So, is is worth it then? Should you buy this dreary offshoot of an 80s hatchback, with all of its pleblon, plastic, and poor styling, just because it's cheap. In my opinion, no, you shouldn't. If you want a cheap, reliable, better looking hatchback, get a Golf GTI or the new Mazda 3. They're good-looking, especially the Mazda, quick, and reliable.

So why waste your hard earned money on a dreadful Matrix? Get a Golf GTI or Mazda 3 instead. You'll be better off, and you won't become depressed. And what's not to like about that?