Since then my status got changed and I found my car for daily driving through the traffic. However, I started to attend car shows, car enthusiast meetups, racing tracks and so on. Finally, I discovered DriveTribe. So, I will try to share my past postings here and I will write more about driving in Canada.

One sunny day I came for my “compact sedan” and the boys from Enterprise gave me a bit of a different car. They didn’t have anything left but a pearl white 2016 BMW 528i xDrive. “Sorry, but we can only give you a luxury car.” That car has everything! Literally, all possible and impossible features were there, so I was even a bit annoyed due to having too much nice, but useless stuff.

BMW is all about a comfort ride. Extremely sensitive on gas and brakes, stable, soft and smooth in turns and changing lanes, absolutely great seats, nice design of display with controller under right hand. AWD and low fuel consumption as well.

It has a spacious trunk, a lot of space on the back seat. The car is a bit too long and too wide for me (I have a bad habit of placing an elbow on the door’s window, but it didn’t work well in this car), and parking it for a first time gave me a bit of a shake.

Nevertheless, the parking assistance worked well – the car has sensors from all sides. By the way, in the newer generation of cars the rear view camera adjusts those green and red car shape lines with the movement of the steering wheel.

I liked the display and navigation controller. It doesn’t take the driver’s attention away from the road, really convenient rotations of the wheel to choose address on GPS or adjust the menu. Actually, I saw a similar concept in a few other luxury cars, but I was there as a passenger. This car was provided live traffic updates, which is also an awesome feature.

Neon lights were my favorite =) you open the car at night and see everything highlighted with a smooth blue light. It reminded me of the swimming pool in a good resort in Mexico.

The 2.0 L engine was the main disappointment. Definitely, on a highway it feels awesome to drive it, but in the city… Keeping all those horses at 50 km/h and stopping every 200 meters at the stop signs is a sin. Actually, 100 km/h is a very inappropriate limit for this car. I am pretty sure that it was designed for driving on German autobans without speed limits to enjoy driving. Not in Canada though.

As most of the luxury cars, it eats only a premium gas. Prices, prices…

Summing up, it is a great car with a lot of “why in hell would I need this” features. I could only identify three issues – bulk for parking, expensive care, and that the gas indicator had a glitch – 10 L of gas disappeared from the tank overnight (didn’t make any sense. Fuel level just dropped even though the car wasn’t moving and was locked). Other than that it is too fancy for no reason. Would not buy it, but will be happy to drive it again. BTW, I paid only 57$ in rent for a weekend.


- It is just perfect for driving

- Heated seats and steering wheel

- Comfortable , excellent on the road , beautiful acceleration

- Spacious for driver, passengers and whatever you want to load in it

- Intuitive, well designed, most features are obvious and useful

- Looks nice


- Expensive

- Too fancy

- Requires a specific lifestyle.

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