I needed a car urgently, but instead of getting a compact sedan (Toyota Yaris equivalent), I got a convertible Fiat 500c. Actually, "convertible" was a rental company's excuse for the downgrade without money compensation.

It is a tiny, funny and fancy model, and surprisingly it is still a car. Easy to park, opening the roof is extremely cute, could be a nice car for someone driving in downtown Toronto (or somewhere in California). It's really a two-seater even though it has two more at the back. Those seats are more suitable for a purse than for a person. Even my child refused to sit there and occupied a front seat. It has a trunk, but the size is almost the same as a glove box in crossovers.

I got a feeling that Fiat designed this car for leisure driving - without rush and bypassing all obstacles on the way. Sport mode increases gas consumption and vibration, but nothing else. The car likes gas almost as much as a big fellow. I got almost 9 L per 100 km. Checked with specification - with automatic transmission it actually eats 8.7 L/100 km in the city.

Just for fun, I drove in residential area with open roof and Italian radio on for 15 minutes. Since it was windy, wasn't a very pleasant experience. Probably because I didn't have my silk scarf on. Summed up, in good weather it's more convenient than public transit. Probably not a bad choice for driving short distances downtown. Absolutely doesn't fit me and my lifestyle. Before buying this car please consider moving to Italy first.


- Fancy looking

- Easy to find parking

- Eh, Italian

- If you don't like having passengers in your car, it is perfect

- Inside interior is intuitive, but very limited.

- Radio has a mute button! (Why?)

- I assume that maintenance is cheap, because it's produced here in Ontario


- Too much gas for too small car

- Safety is a concern

- Not for Canadian winters

- No space for anything

- I wouldn't call it a powerful car

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