2016 Hyundai Veloster

This little car changed my opinion about Hyundai. Excellent city car - compact, pretty and affordable.

1y ago

This one will be about the strangest car I ever drove. Just a week before I got it from a rental company, my daughter mentioned that she had a ride on a car with three doors. That didn't sound right, but a week later I was driving a 3 door, four seat car.

The 2016 Hyundai Veloster is an excellent city car! It has one door on the driver's side and two on the other. It has a "panoramic sunroof" which actually means a transparent roof turning into a rear window. It makes the view from the back mirror a bit weird.

Nice and smooth ride, comfortable for 4 people (not very tall people), the trunk a bit small (but if you do not carry all your winter sports equipment with you at once, it is not that bad). I had over 600 km on it. It is a bit tough on acceleration and even on cruise control it was losing speed going on a hill. The engine is not too powerful, this car is not for racing, but it compensates on gas consumption completely. 600 km on one tank of gas, which is exactly 40 L! It has a low clearance, so I was extra careful while driving on roads without pavement. Interior-wise, it is nicely done, comfortable, doesn't require additional time to get used to the car, surprisingly nice touch screen with intuitive menu and a built-in GPS. Actually, I liked navigation a lot! It has smart design and good features (e.i. scale, map features, route options). The trunk reminded me of a game of Tetris - I fit all our camping gear inside, but it was challenging. A cooler with food occupied one of the seats, since there was no space left for it.

Final impression is that the Veloster is a nice city car for people who do not like the boring look of standard sedans and compact cars. It is a car with personality, and I would give it a 7/10. Not too bad on performance, excellent on gas, nice electronics. I wouldn't mind having it as a second family car.

Also, I have to add that 2019 Veloster N (sports trim) is an absolutely gorgeous looking car! As well as 2018 Veloster Turbo.


- Low gas consumption (6.6L/100km)

- Intuitive design, nice navigation

- Excellent city car, compact

- Interesting concept, catchy look


- Not enough power on acceleration and going up on hills

- Too small for travelling

- Lower suspension

- It is a strange car

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Comments (4)

  • Great review Nicky! Thanks for sharing 😁

      1 year ago
    • Thank you! It's a nice little car. I liked it better than Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Beetle.

        1 year ago
  • Did you do the doodle on the back window?

      1 year ago
    • Lol, the car got covered in dust so badly, that kids at the camping site took advantage of it.

        1 year ago