2016 - The day i drove a bmw M4 Tour auto with 450 hp. And it was cool.

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Few words about me : For people who don't know me (so, everyone) I'm a fanboy of BMW. I learn driving with the BMW Z3M Roadster from my dad at 17 year old, after that I get my own BMW, a old 316i E36 Compact, and at my 20 I bought a Z3 2.2 Liter with 170 HP. At my 25, last march, I bought my dream car : a BMW M3 E46. Between the Z3 and the M3, I drove a Z4 S-Drive 35i with DKG Gearbox (from my dad) and after buying the E46, my dad bough a E93 M3 because, well, for a couple of month i have more Horsepower than him, so... You know.. Well, that's all for me. Just for saying, because we never know, I BOUGHT my car, not my dad, it's my money. Saying that, let's talk about this, rare, M4.

It was a Saturday afternoon. My dad call me to say "I saw a lot of BMW M2 and M4 on the road, I think there is something going on at the BMW Garage" - Well, FYI, we have a BMW near my parent's home, and we already have a contact with the owner who already let me drive a BMW i8 in 2015 - So, I grab my pants (yeah, saturday afternoon...) and take my cars out to join him at the garage. We came with the two BMW M3, the owner reconize us and explain : it was a event for the customers, they have BMW M2, M4, M5, M6 and X6M and let them drive for one hour if we are register. Unfortunately, we don't. But the guy tell us "let me see if I can have something for you" and then, I get the key for this, kind of unique, M4.

The cas was here, with a lot of BMW Performance part, the exhaust, everything seem to be unique, special. Even the seat belt have a specific BMW M GMHB color on it. Oh, and mechanicaly, you already know they have a 19 Hp more than the standard M4, but they have a specific diffencial on it too. And you can feel it behind the weel.

Well, we have one hour. Half a hour each, because my dad is here too to drive the car. But here what is really important here : When you have someone from the garage with you, you cannot really push the car like you want. I don't say "be a jackass", no, but you never know the road, the guy try to limit your speed, everything. In this situation, the guy with us was not a BMW salesman, he was a contractor for a Racing School. So, he let you drive the car like you want. In the meantime, like I said at the beggening, the garage was near my parents house, I know the roads their since I was kind, and the guy with us told me "If you know your road, go ahead" - so here it is.

It was some kind of unique liberty behind the wheel, because, you can use the car like you want to buy it, really. But the feeling was... kind of weird. I have a BMW M3 E46, my dad has a BMW M3 E93 and, first time I drove his car, I just get the feeling I already know the car, even if it has 80+ Horsepower, it just feel the same than mine. Nothing more. And with this M4, well, it's exactly the same. I drove it, and it was like I was with a old friend, everything was natural. Nothing give me a slap on the face, I have more than 100 Hp between my E46 and this M4, but still... I know the road, I already get their with my car, with my dad's cars too, with all my cars actually, and then this one. Nothing has changed. I've been more surprising by the BMW i8 than this M4. I don't mean it's a bad car, I just say, I'm not jaleous about this one. But after the test, I get back on my M3 and doesn't have anything else than "Hello again, you".

I hope I can have the chance to drive a BMW M2, because I'm sure this one is different, but about the M4, if you already have a M3 E46 or M3 E9x, just trust me, I don't think it's worth it to sold it and get this, in my opinion, expansive car, because it's exactly the same than you. With a Turbo-Engine and "not natural" exhaust sound. Trust me, the V8 and the S54 is really unique and doesn't have to be jaleous in front of the new sherif in town. They are the same.

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