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    2016 Volvo iron night review Forza horizon 4
    In Forza horizon 4 you can own racing trucks and semis and I really wanted one so I spun a super wheel spin and it landed on a 2016 Volvo iron night and I never have had a use for this semi so I decided to review it before I sell it.

    First impressions
    The first impression of the iron night aren’t great for example it isn’t cheap it is around 800,000 credits which is a lot that is supercar money and for a semi no matter how good it is that is to much money considering that you can get a second hand Lamborghini huracan for 50,000 credits.

    The acceleration of the iron night is actually surprisingly good when you put your foot down it gains speed quickly there is no lag between you putting down your foot and it going it is like you are in a supercar but you are not because you know you are in a truck.

    Top speed
    When you reach tenth gear if you keep the gearing standard you reach a top speed of 234.48 which is supercar speeds and you’d expect that for supercar money but you wouldn’t in a semi even if it is a racing truck and the fact that they have managed to apply that power to something so heavy is insane.

    It is a known fact that semi brakes are terrible in Real life and even in some video games but that is not the case with the iron night the brakes are surprisingly good when you put your foot on the brake it stops within metres even when you brush the brakes it stops quickly.

    Unfortunately the iron night is ruined by its non existent handling at the airport drag strip the are circle bollards that I use to test cars handling and when I was able to take cars like the Lamborghini huracan around it achieved an average speed of 70 kph I could only take the semi around it a 20 kph now I know that the iron night is not a supercar LIke the Lamborghini but even for a semi that is terrible.

    To be perfectly honest I would happily sell my iron night but I am actually not because Although I want to sell it after about an hour it is only worth about 300,000 credits which is insanely high depreciation and that is the main reason why I urge you if you must get a Volvo Iron night buy it second hand because you can get some of them for so much cheaper then if you buy it brand new.

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