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HE: Lewis Hamilton - Barring the unusual mistake in Brazil, Hamilton's quali form has been mighty this season. I wouldn't be surprised to see him put it on pole for one more time on Saturday afternoon.

BH: Lewis Hamilton – After Hamilton’s Saturday nightmare of two weeks ago, he might come out all guns blazing for the last qualifying of the season. 12 pole positions for the season would be a fine effort.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – Why not finish off a brilliant season in style? As Ben said, last race weekend, his Saturday was a disaster… or was it? He did have a lot of fun, and without anything to lose, what harm is there for him to go “nah I’ll go last lol”.


HE: Lewis Hamilton - I hate to be boring but I'm going to have to give it to Mr. Hamilton again. Just as Ben says, it is a pretty power dependant circuit. If Mercedes are stretching their legs with engine parts for 2018 then everyone had better watch out.

BH: Lewis Hamilton – I just can’t look past the Mercedes engine this weekend. The circuit is so power dependent and it’s no secret that Mercedes are best in that department. A win in Abu Dhabi would cap off a great season for Hamilton and it would be a much more satisfying victory at the circuit than last year for him.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – Lewis has won the race the most amount of times out of any driver, joint with his title rival for this year; Sebastian Vettel. Unfortunately for Seb, it is looking as though the Ferrari engine never caught up the Mercedes on power and simply won’t be able to match them on the long straights in sector 2.


HE: Sebastian Vettel - I think Vettel's skill will mean that he may overcome Bottas in a faster car. A solid podium finish will help ease some of the wounds, although not by much. Vettel will probably be hoping that the race doesn't go on too long.

BH: Valtteri Bottas – A string of poor performances from Bottas needs to end at some point. A good result for Bottas could give him a real confidence boost that he could then take through to next season. A poor result and questions will continue to be asked.

SS: Kimi Raikkonen – Because why not? He tends to come alive at the start and end of seasons to ensure his new contract doesn’t look like utter rubbish once again and I’m sure he’ll fancy doing this race while actually awake.


HE: Valtteri Bottas - Perhaps another driver that wishes the season was done? Bottas needs a refresher pretty soon. Hopefully a solid performance on Sunday will transfer into more consistent pace in 2018.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – Interestingly, this Grand Prix acts as a rubber race for Vettel and Hamilton as both have three wins around the circuit. Vettel has put up an immense fight all year and another podium would see out his best season since winning the world championship.

SS: Valterri Bottas – Mercedes power tends to mean Mercedes success. Clearly not in Bottas’ first year as a Merc driver, but that doesn’t mean he can’t achieve a podium in his final race for the season and start next year with a bit of momentum, who knows… maybe he’ll win next year’s title and I’ll eat Ben’s shoes.


HE: In a surprise turn of events, Honda bring an upgraded engine that is miles faster than anything else. Honda have been pretending all this time. In his anger Alonso threatens war on Japan, whilst Pierre Gasly is so happy about his 2018 prospects that he eats a whole baguette.

BH: Unfortunately, the race will be cancelled. This will be because of spectators being unable to reach the circuit due to the massive queue formed for the second Williams seat next year. I’m predicting that the queue will start at the Williams garage and end somewhere in the middle of Yemen.

SS: The track will crack under the enormous pressure of every single British citizen leaving the U.K. for the Middle Eastern luxury desert location, each holding at least one pint and a £2.50 burger with extra fried onions, fake cheese and ketchup. England will be empty but Abu Dhabi will be rockin’ like it’s ’66 all over again.

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  • To be really honest, Hamilton, Vetel, bottas, Max n Kimmy, should give there drives to up coming drivers take there places

      2 years ago
  • You just went from the standings in the championship

      2 years ago
    • So they think the fastest three drivers will finish near the front? imagine.

        2 years ago