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Meet Mark and Jesse of Ariel North America

I remember originally meeting up with Jesse Kenealy (Director of Sales for Ariel North America) and Mark Swain (VP of Sales and Marketing for Ariel North America) at our yearly expedition to Amelia's Concours d' Elegance.

I was introduced to the Ariel North American duo by my friend Stewart Sensor who had been trekking to the Amelia event since inception. Our first introduction was at dinner downtown Amelia after a day at the concours. I will never forget Jesse's firm handshake in one hand and his Ariel Atom steering wheel in the other. Soon it all made sense. The two frequently travel the country getting the word out about their products.

TMI AutoTech At Virginia International Raceway

In May of 2016 I was working in the far remote location of the Virginia International Raceway and decided to give Jesse a call. Although Jesse's schedule was full, he took time to meet me at VIR to show me their TMI Autotech facilites as well as drive me around the track in the Ariel Atom! He also told me that they had recently acquired a new location in South Boston, Va and would like me to stop by the following day if I had time.

The next day I visited TMI AutoTech at their new location. Immediately I noticed that the building's square footage was massive in comparison to what I had seen at VIR. After being greeted by the receptionist I was directed to to Jesse's office. Happy to see me, Jesse had some news. He advised they had a new vehicle that they were launching and asked me if I wanted the exclusive! I didn't take any time to respond yes and walked through a quick format for Facebook live.

We did have a bit of a struggle with broadcast connections in various locations within the building and on the test drive but here is the three part live feed we were able to shoot.

Part 1 - Intro, showroom and vehicle model introduction. (17:11)


Part 2 - Full Factory Tour, Introducing the Ariel Nomad, Ariel Nomad Test Drive (1:02:03)


Part 3 Wrap Up, Vehicle Walk Around (some sound loss due to broadcast connection) (3:16)


Pebble Beach 2017

In August of 2017 I was in Monterey, Ca with my friend Troy Macias (Founder of Championship Touring), working on growing our network at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Toward the end of the weekend's events we decided to drive the pacific coast highway and down the Big Sur to take in the sights before our departure. What are the chances that we would run into Jesse and Mark!

We bump into Jesse and Mark on the Big Sur! (1:25)


Ariel Nomad on Jay Leno's Garage

Today 11/20/2017 Jay Leno's Garage just published their coverage on the Ariel Nomad Tactical Enjoy!


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