2017 Bugatti Chiron

Whether it be physics or speed limits, Bugatti's new ultra-hypercar has one goal: Ignore them

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BUGATTI HAS FINALLY unleashed their new weapon of performance. Welcome to a new era in the history of Bugatti. Welcome to a hypercar that will crush all cars once considered ‘supercars’ or ‘hypercars’. Bugatti’s CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer says that this car is breaking records in nearly all areas. It is pushing the boundaries of physics further and further. Like the Veyron was in its day, this is a revolutionary car. It is pushing automotive limits to further than ever before. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Bugatti Chiron, a car like no other car in history. Bugatti has taken some huge leaps over the past few years. They’ve gone from classics, to icons (EB110), to the incredibly fast (Veyron), and now, to the even faster. This car is made by… the French. Yes, to some it may seem surprising, and to others it might be the car’s ‘saving grace’ that the brand is actually owned by the Volkswagen Group. But while the Bugatti company is owned by Volkswagen, the Chiron is still a French car. This car is better than any modern Ferrari or Lamborghini. This car crushes the hopes of our favourite Italian car groups. Bugatti seems to have some sort of talent for making cars that constantly break records and defy the laws of physics. They have indeed managed to convince us that this car was worth the rather long wait for it to be released at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The end result is indescribable. Even that’s mildly describing it. Bugatti’s new carbon fibre monocoque design is said to take four weeks to build. The design, aerodynamics, specifications, and just about every single aspect of this car all adds up to one thing: sheer innovative brilliance, focussed to break records, limits, and boundaries in every way, shape, and form.

The exterior design itself is nothing short of a masterpiece. The aerodynamic creases, elegant curves and bold features all make this car something to stare at for hours on end, mesmerized and perplexed as to how something so stunningly intricate has been made a reality. This here, is existing proof of how far and how quickly we have gone from the Benz Motorwagen to a masterpiece such as this one. The Chiron, interestingly enough, was revealed by Bugatti on the internet merely a few hours before it’s official release at the Geneva show. When I was sent the link (by John, no less), the instant I was on the site, I sat there a few seconds, gaping, chin bruised from a car in which the term “jaw-dropping” is nothing but a complete understatement. You can imagine how my mouth hurt after that. However, at the time, I can guarantee that this car made sure that I was too perplexed to feel the pain. For starters, the headlights. There is shades of the Veyron about them, but they’re far angrier and more imposing than its older brother’s slightly blank, almost expressionless face. The front has been redesigned to have a face more suitable for its kind, a kind that we nowadays call “hypercars”. The Chiron appears angry, belligerent, and determined. The sides, if analysed, have a C-shape sculpted around the doors. The rear has been dramatically overhauled, going from standard rear lights to a long single strip. The large automatic folding wing on the rear is still to be seen while going at high speeds. The rear is probably the exterior part that has changed the most.

"Bugatti seems to have some sort of talent for making cars that constantly break records and defy the laws of physics"

Josh Lancaster

The interior is definitely different to the Veyron’s. It’s almost like Bugatti decided to depart from the supercar norm, from hard, punishing seats and not much comfort or class to an almost Rolls-Royce standard. They’ve gone from extreme, weight-shedding sparseness to leather-wrapped luxury, with only bits of lightweight carbon-fibre left in it. This makes the Chiron not only an ultra-performance car and a beautiful car, but also a magnificently luxurious car! The steering wheel is leather padded on the sides and centre, and has a fastidious Bugatti logo proudly mounted at its centre. I must say, I particularly like the Chiron’s interior, as it’s not filled with music players, touchscreens, and other superfluous comfort gizmos. Quite the opposite; you enter the car, and if you have enough common sense (that’s enough to rule John out immediately …), you spend the rest of your time in fear, knowing that if you press any of the buttons around you, you will be punished severely for your curiosity. Not by the owner - this time - but by the car itself. You can be sure that if you sharply press the accelerator pedal, you will inevitably suffer shock and severe head injuries. Don’t expect any soft and squishy massage systems in here. So with only the necessary and helpful, and with an absence of such horrendous gizmos like those which change the tone of your exhaust, we’re left with a luxurious interior, with leather not for comfort, but to provide padding for the head while accelerating. And you will need it. In case you hadn’t realised, this car is not slow.

Put your foot down flat on the shiny aluminium accelerator pedal, and everything goes blurry. That’s because the Chiron rockets from 0-100 km/h in 2.3 seconds. Ouch, my head hurts at the mere thought of it. The engine which enables such mind-numbing performance is a massive 8-litre W16 engine. And if that’s not enough to make you dizzy, there’s more. Bugatti has bolted on a quad-turbo, in other words, four turbochargers, to the massive engine, combining to make a power figure equivalent to a jumbo jet engine. In total, this remarkable piece of machinery produces a staggering 1,479 bhp, or in metric terminology, 1,103 kW. It produces 1,600 Nm of torque, and can be revved up to 6,000 rpm. Top speed? Well, Bugatti has limited the top speed on the road to 420 km/h due to the speed rating of the Michelin tyres, but Bugatti can equip your Chiron so that it can break the Veyron’s previous records. Think in excess of 440 km/h. This makes the Chiron the fastest production road car ever, and the engine by far the best one yet.

"And for those who like to skid around and just generally behave like a hoon, you may want to turn off the traction control. But then again, you may not"

Josh Lancaster

Next, the driving. According to Bugatti, it is nothing less than an exhilarating experience, probably somewhat like riding a high-speed motorbike, wearing no helmet and only short sleeves down a windy mountain road, only better. The car is said to grip exceedingly well around corners for such a heavy car. This means that sharp corners can be taken at face-distorting speeds without the slightest signs of losing control. This car is not only incredibly fast, but it handles all its immense capabilities impeccably. And for those who like to skid around and just generally behave like a hoon, you may want to turn off the traction control. But then again, you may not. If you did that, you would almost inevitably lose control the moment you put your foot down. You probably don’t even need me to tell you that, because even the styling on the outside is enough to tell you to think carefully before doing anything rash. This car, ladies and gentlemen, is a hyper-sports car that has the ability to drive and handle like no other. The handling, like everything else about the Chiron, is a massive improvement over the Veyron.

It’s obvious this car is one of a kind, with not only the potential, but the ability to break performance records. It’s can also fit into most people’s budgets, costing from $3.8 million (AUD). Buy one, and you will not be disappointed. And please don’t forget to notify me immediately, and promise to take me on a drive at your nearest track. Most of us don’t have a budget permitting such extravagances, but we can sit back and admire the workmanship, engineering, and otherworldly capabilities of a car that blows all others into the weeds. Only a Bugatti does that by such a large margin.

Photo credit: NetCarShow.com

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