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HE: Daniel Ricciardo - Because these two are flipping boring with their predictions and I want to see someone other than Mr Vegan on pole. Go Ricky Bobby! (Also as I write Ricciardo is fastest in FP2)

BH: Lewis Hamilton – Hamilton is bossing Saturdays at the moment, Ferrari and Red Bull can’t quite seem to match them in Q3 and Bottas just isn’t quite as explosive over one lap. Pole position number 73 wouldn’t surprise me at all.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – He can smell the championship, Mexico is a power track and he knows the first half of the job can be won where he is simply better than anyone else, ever.


HE: Sebastian Vettel - Hamilton will of course want the win but doesn't need to risk anything. Seb needs a win and needs to risk anything. Do you catch my drift?

BH: Lewis Hamilton – Whilst I think Mercedes could be seriously tested at the following Grand Prix in Brazil, I think the long straights of Mexico should play to their strengths. The one thing he needs to worry about is getting a worse start than his rivals, Vettel got Hamilton off the line in Austin and there’s a much longer run to the first corner in Mexico. A mistake could be pivotal.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – Four time world champ to be crowned here and now, it is a dead set and I think he will do it in style.


HE: Daniel Ricciardo - That Renault engine just can't handle the slipstream effect and loses out to Seb in the Ferrari. Another solid podium for the Aussie though.

BH: Valtteri Bottas – Bottas’s form since the summer break has been disappointing. Valtteri needs a few good races to close out the season to prove that he can get close to Hamilton, just like he did in the first half of the season. Mexico could be a turning point for him.

SS: Sebastian Vettel – He will do all he can to stop Lewis and the most I feel the Prancing Horse is capable of is P2 here. It would be P3 if I didn’t think that Bottas was a bottle job and just too slow to challenge and assist his team mate.


HE: Lewis Hamilton - Third place? A fourth world championship? The greatest British driver ever? One of the greatest drivers ever? Hamilton will probably take that.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – If the fight for third is as interesting (and controversial) as it was last year, we are in for a treat! Vettel’s championship hopes are all but over, but you have to give him credit for his continuing positive attitude. In all likelihood though, this will be the weekend where the fate of the title is sealed.

SS: Max Verstappen – I want a triple team podium and I feel the Flying Dutchman is on a personal mission to get himself back on the infamous three steps. He has the raw talent and he is driving the Red Bull off of its bolts recently, he deserves it.


HE: A mysterious looking steward, who looks suspiciously like Donald Trump in a moustache, decides to install walls at all edges of the Mexico circuit to stop corner cutting. It doesn't work as Max Verstappen ploughs through them and wins driver of the day.

BH: A surprise return? – Just hours before the race is due to start and Kevin Magnussen is nowhere to be seen. With Haas one driver short, a home town hero conveniently steps up to the plate in the form of future five-time world champion Esteban Gutierrez. Esty Gut begs his former team to give him a chance to win his home race, but Gene Haas decides it isn’t worth the inevitable repairs to the car when he crashes. Esteban cries.

SS: A wall is suddenly erected in the center of the circuit by Donald Trump being so useless that he thinks this is now the border. But, because the Mexican people are incredible, proud and wonderfully brave, they climb Trump’s stupid wall and use it as a spectator’s area, giving them a bird’s eye view of the whole circuit, making it the most popular stand in the whole calendar. Up yours Trumpy.

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