2017 Euro Cars & coffee dates

After a long cold winter (certainly for victoria), it's getting to be time to plan our dates for the oak bay marina in 2017:

Like last year, I wanted to give everyone a heads-up for our planned get-togethers this year. Location is the same - the fabulous Oak Bay Marina at Turkey Head Point - and we'll continue the Sunday morning timing (except for one minor exception). We usually have folks there from 8:30am until 11 or later. These are the dates:

Sun. Feb. 26 (weather permitting: will confirm)

Sun. Mar 26

Sun. Apr 23

Sun. May 21 (Victoria Day Weekend)

Sun. Jun 25

Sun. Jul 23

Sat. Aug 19 (Beach drive closed Sun. Aug 20 for cycling event)

Sun. Sept 24

Sun. Oct 21 (weather permitting, will confirm)

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