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HE: Lewis Hamilton - He's pretty spicy during qualifying these days and I think the Mercedes will probably have an advantage here. Another pole is likely to be on the way.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – Vettel must be praying to the racing gods that he finally gets a clean weekend. His qualifying was compromised at Malaysia and his race was compromised at Suzuka. That should mean that the championship is over, but Seb has a point to prove and may do so with a strong qualifying result.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – He has just released is own playlist on Spotify and therefore he must be utterly pumped, so bumped he could be a blow-up bed or a balloon. Or a bicycle wheel, or something else that you pump? He’s good at qualifying so he’s on pole for me.


HE: Sebastian Vettel - Hamilton and Vettel are the only two drivers who have won in Austin. Hopefully we are treated to a proper battle between the two of them, even if the championship is as good as done. I'm putting my bets on Sebby Vet this time.

BH: Lewis Hamilton – I went against Hamilton for pole, weirdly he’s only achieved it once around the Circuit of the Americas, however he’s still managed to win the race four times. Considering that Austin has only held 5 Grands Prix so far, that’s incredibly impressive. Hamilton’s been on form recently, Ferrari have been unreliable recently. One of those things will lead to a Hamilton win.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – Lewis can smell that fourth title and he’s done it here before. I’m backing him to outshine his team mate once again and take the black and white bit of material they wave after a lot of laps.


HE: Lewis Hamilton - because I said Vettel will be first so Ham will be right behind him. Duh.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – Vettel must know that all he can do now is win every race and see what happens. Winning every race is much easier said than done though. His record at the circuit is good so a podium finish is highly likely, but could his desperation cost him at some point in the race? That seems possible too.

SS: Valtteri Bottas – In all honesty, he needs to do a job this weekend and he needs to start doing it sooner than later otherwise he will be a guaranteed second driver for life.


HE: Valtteri Bottas - If the Merc is quick then Bottas will be there in the mix. Unfortunately for him I suspect he will once again be behind Mr Hamilton. A podium will do for him though and will do nicely for Mercedes' constructors total.

BH: Max Verstappen – Now his mechanical issues appear to be behind him (*Ben touches wood whilst writing that sentence), maybe Verstappen can continue his impressive, late charge. His performances in Japan and Malaysia were exemplary and if Red Bull can continue with its competitive race pace, another podium could be on the cards.

SS: Daniel Ricciardo – DannyRic loves the States and the world loves him, I just want to see him smile on a step which isn’t as tall as the other two steps next to him because it makes me happy. The Red Bull is definitely turning it up towards the end of the season and I think they can beat the Prancing Ponies this weekend.


HE: The US Grand Prix actually had an attendance of 50 billion people, all real Americans. The lying media won't report it though. Sad! I hope someday soon that they will wake up and smell the covfefe.

BH: Michael Buffer’s Announcing – So it was announced that Michael Buffer will introduce the drivers before the Grand Prix. Unfortunately, Mr Buffer couldn’t watch the Japanese Grand Prix, thus things get pretty awkward when he announces Jolyon Palmer in the Renault. Jolyon is ecstatic when he thinks he’s got his job back, Jolyon cries when he realises he hasn’t.

SS: Donald Trump decides F1 is a fake sport unless he is given his own team and is allowed to drive in the car with a 10-lap head start. The team colours will be a sun scorched orange with a wispy yellow front and rear wing and a large eagle on the side. Of course he will demand he is given the number one on his car, let’s hope nothing occurs whilst on track…

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