2017 Lexus RC-F - Not An M4 Killer But Still Brilliant

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Every vehicle is built for a purpose. Pick up trucks are built to go anywhere and do anything. Minivans are designed to crush souls and carry vast quantities of children and their stuff. Supercars are built to bend the laws of physics. Sportscars are designed to give us fun on normal roads. The cars are built and then it is up to the marketing people to sell it to the masses. Sometimes the marketing people get it wrong. Sometimes they peg a car into a role it shouldn't be. Sometimes that kills the perception of a car even if the car is brilliant at something else.

This is where the Lexus RC-F comes into play. From its inception it was billed as Lexus' M3/4 fighter. A snarling V8 beast that was going to bludgeon the Germans. Problem is the RC-F never stood a chance, it is way to heavy to ever take it to BMW's legendary M cars. Anyone with a moniker of common sense could see that. If you compare the RC-F to the M3/4 as a dynamic performance machine it is going to lose every single time. However, it should never be put in that position because it is an excellent car that has been misunderstood by Lexus' own marketing people and the automotive world at large.

It is not a dynamic weapon designed to slice up back roads, it is something different. Something we explore in the video below.

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