Fun to drive - high quality interior

The Facts:

Base Price: $31,570

Engine: 2.5L I4

Horsepower: 184-hp @ 5,700 rpm

Torque: 185 lbs.-ft. @ 3,250 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

Curb Weight: 3,250 lbs

0-60: 7.9 sec

MPG: 26 City / 35 Highway

Sleek Styling Both Inside & Out:

I've always been impressed with the sleek quality of Mazda's interior and exterior designs. In our Grand Touring test model, we had leather stitched dashboard trim along with two different tones of metal, creating a high end, modern European feel. Nappa leather is optional in the Grand Touring and makes it feel even more luxurious. When comparing this vehicle to its peers such as the Toyota Camry, Chevy Malibu and Ford Fusion, it pulls ahead when it comes to interior design and quality. While the Mazda6 is still a solid choice, the all-new Honda Accord is also a very attractive choice in this segment.

Taking Corners for Days:

I love how this car handles itself; tight steering complements a stiff, agile suspension that hugs the road as you throw it into corners. It's very enjoyable to drive around town or on mountain roads for a family sedan. Since we are going for a more athletic handling feel, some ride softness is lost. However, I would much rather have a better handling car than a dull one. This is to say, the Mazda6 isn’t for the faint of heart.

If Only It Had More Power:

There is only one engine choice: a 2.5L I4 which makes just 184-hp and 185-lb-ft of torque. It’s just enough power to get you where you need to go but doesn't inspire spirited driving. That's a shame since the car is set up perfectly to handle more power. I know not everyone is looking to carve mountain roads like myself, but this lack of power is holding the Mazda6 back from perfection. I hope they introduce an option for the CX-9’s engine which is turbocharged and makes a lot of low-end torque. It would be a great setup in this car and it would surely bring that zoom-zoom into the 6.

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