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2017 Mustang GT

1y ago


2017 Mustang GT Manual Coupe

I've always been a fan of Mustangs. Something about the idea of an American V8 makes me excited to get behind the wheel. I wanted to drive one before the new 2018 Mustang was released to dealerships so I could compare the technology, engine, transmission, and overall performance.

The interior was pretty good. The large display and leather seats gave the car a more luxury feel than previous generations provided. The seats were comfortable but the bolsters will still keep you in the seat around corners. The systems at use like Apple Car Play are great and very intuitive. I'd even say the Mustang has more and better technology than most cars out today. The interior styling is sporty and well designed. Small touches like the little switches remind you of a Ford GT and make the car feel like an exciting supercar. The car had good air conditioning as well as both heated and cooled seats. The back seats are small but could easily seat a child or a friend you don't like that much (it was his fault for not calling shotgun anyway). This was a real step up for the Mustang. For once, the interior styling and technology felt like it was made for a driver to enjoy a 7-hour road trip as much as a pass down the drag strip.

I've driven the automatic GT before, but never the manual. I really thought I'd fall in love with the transmission, especially after driving the GT350. Sadly, I didn't. Maybe I was spoiled with the GT350 but I expected way more from this manual. It wasn't a bad transmission by any means, but it just wasn't very great. Car enthusiasts drive stick to feel the excitement of quickly shifting through gears and you just don't get that in the Mustang. Shifting from first to second felt like I was shaking a baby's hand. It was just an unsatisfying feeling. The engine was great of course, but I do wish the exhaust was a little louder from the factory. With the windows up, I didn't hear nearly as much growl as I wanted to. Your neighbors demonic pitbull is intimidating, but its not quite as scary if it's locked in the other room. This is what the mustang felt like. The lack of sound stole that good fear away from the driving experience. The steering was pretty great for a muscle car. When you move through the different driving feels you surprisingly feel a difference. The Mustang is no longer just a point and shoot drag car, but a car that will be at home on a track. Sure there are better cars for the track but this will do just fine.

Overall the Mustang is a great car. Hell, I'd buy one. Why did I give it 3-stars if I liked it so much? Because I know how good Ford can be. I just can't believe that the engineer who designed the GT350 transmission would let the GT walk out of the factory with the one it has now. Maybe the 2018 Mustang will change my opinion.