2017 SUper GT GTR

NISMO unveils its updated Super GT GT500 class Racer

NISMO just took the wraps off its 2017 Super GT GTR. Up first compared to last years model you will see the presence of the "V-Motion Grill" and an extended horizontal body line under the headlight. Both are also present on the redesign of the revised 2017 GTR NISMO roadcar. Super GT uses DTM spec rules so there are some key elements of the cars that must be shared among Nissan Honda and Lexus. This gives the manufacturers less liberty than the GT300 spec which is more of a traditional race going version of a road car. 2017 rules however allow for an increase in downforce by 25%

Despite these constraints the update show a distinct GTR persona that now mimics some of what is seen on the recent changes to the GTR model. The rear is especially striking as the finished gloss carbon and red stripe lower bumper area envokes the imagery of a GTR NISMO street car being encapsulated inside the DTM spec body.

The NISMO Motul team are back to back 2014 & 2015 season winners and fell just short to Lexus in 2016 in claiming a third straight season winning effort.

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