2017 Tesla e-bike concept

... e-surprise!!

3y ago

Tesla e-bike is a conceptual project based on a vision what if Tesla Motors manufactured an electric motorcycle. It is made of carbon fiber, aluminum, and high-strength plastic, making a very light yet durable vehicle.

The front suspension features hub-center steering that provides an excellent cornering and good traction. Equipped with OLED dashboard display, you’ll get essential information about your bike at a glance.

Just like Tesla principles, this e-bike is high-tech, fast, efficient, and ecological.

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Comments (13)

  • Is.... Is this bike? This not bike.

      3 years ago
  • some Brooklyn hipster will wait on line to get the first one in NY, and on his first ride, get run over by another hipster in a Tesla, because he didn't hear it. my only hope is that both explode and remove 2 hipsters AND 2 Tesla's in a massive fireball, as we ride by on our actual motorcycles.

      3 years ago
  • it looks like someone wondered what an Amazon Echo would look like as a bike...

      3 years ago
  • There are some nice design elements but the proportions are all wrong. It does not have the great lines or aggressive look that say a ducati or ktm has. Why not style an electric that looks like a badass supermoto?

      3 years ago
  • Computer screens accept anything, even crap.

      3 years ago