2017 US Vintage Grand Prix (Photos & Video)

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US Vintage Grand Prix attendees were greeted with a cool early September weekend in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York in 2017. While the weather at The Glen was great for vintage racing, Hurricane Irma was lashing the southern US which seemed to have kept some of the participants from that region away. Regardless, there was still plenty of racing and paddock-roving to keep any gear head happy for a long weekend.

Jaguar and Land Rover once again had a presence at Vintage. Jaguar brought another stable of XE's and Type R's to test around their autocross course, and Land Rover was showing off their off-road capabilities to anyone willing to sign a waiver.

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The main attraction, of course, is the racing. Photos from around the paddock area and the track tell the story:

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

1973 Porsche 911

1974 Porsche 911

1972 Sunbeam Tiger

1971 Chevron B19

1969 Lola T70 MkIII B

Ford GT 40 in the paddock area.

1966 MkII

Two of several Brabham Formula cars racing in Group 2.

#6 - 1971 Brabham BT35

#2 - 1968 Brabham BT29

1994 Switft DB6

1968 Titan Mk III

Let's just say that Tim Haynes' day in his 1979 Porsche 911 could have gone better.

A Ford Falcon shares paddock space with a Datsun 240Z

Groups 3&4 rounding Turn 11 finishing their warm-up lap.

1957 Devin Ryan Special

A pair of MG B's: #644 is a 1967, #39 is a 1965

#02 is a 1973 MG B, shadowed closely by the #36 1966 Alfa Romeo GTV

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