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HE: Sebastian Vettel - If Ferrari continue their form from Malaysia (pace not reliability) then I think Seb could clinch pole. He has always been pretty handy around Suzuka, and he needs to be this weekend.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – It was as close as can be between Kimi and Hamilton for pole in Malaysia. You can’t help but wonder whether Vettel would’ve clinched it if he was in the same position. Theoretically, Ferrari should do well around Suzuka so I’ve got Vettel taking an important pole.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – Suzuka is the power track of Asia and the Mercedes have the engine to deal with it. Pole 71? Sorted.


HE: Sebastian Vettel - For the sake of a close championship, Vettel desperately needs this win in Suzuka. As I've already said he loves Suzuka so I could see him securing the double whammy. It will be close for sure though.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – You can see the championship slipping away from Vettel at the minute so he’s in desperate need of a win this weekend. If he carries over his pace from Malaysia, he may be too quick for the rest of the field on a circuit he’s historically done well at.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – Knowing that doing well here will all but stop any chance of Vettel taking the title from him, I think Lewis will do all he can to prevent a Ferrari victory.


HE: Lewis Hamilton - If Seb wins you can be sure that Hamilton will be right there with him this weekend. As the season nears an end, the two title protagonists will be fighting tooth and nail for the championship. Hamilton just needs to score solidly and he will win this one.

BH: Kimi Raikkonen – As you can probably tell, my predictions do rely on Ferrari being as quick as I think they’ll be. Kimi has had a poor season and is so comfortably down on where he needs to be, saying that I was impressed with his qualifying effort in Malaysia and would’ve been in a good position to win the race. 2nd place here would be solid.

SS: Daniel Ricciardo – Frustrated as of late but performing very well. Everyone’s favourite man is being very consistent this season and that Red Bull is coming on in leaps and bounds, I think the Honey Badger will impress.


HE: Daniel Ricciardo - Ricky Bobby has been solid all year collecting podiums whenever there has been an opportunity. I don't see this weekend being any different.

BH: Lewis Hamilton – ‘Gremlins, gremlins, gremlins, gremlins, gremlins’, I’m sure it’s the only thing I heard last weekend. Basically, Mercedes did not perform to their usual standard which has them a little worried. If that’s the case, then 3rd place behind Ferrari might be all they can do.

SS: Sebastian Vettel – I think the Finns will once again fall short of expectations and we will have a podium made up of three separate constructors. I think the ten point gain for Lewis this race will unfortunately kill off Ferrari’s chances.


HE: Yuji Ide wins the race because he is a legend.

BH: The true legend of the Japanese Grand Prix has to be Kamui Kobayashi. Looking to revive his F1 career, Kamui is asking every team if he can race their car for the weekend. All of them decline until he gets to Renault who decide to let him take Jolyon’s seat because they’re bored. He promptly retires with a mechanical issue on lap 6.

SS: Bottas and Kimi get bored of being bad at their jobs and beaten by their teammates week in, week out. They decide to put on a new show instead which will take place in the paddock called “Finn 1 and Finn 2”. Channel 4 are currently looking into securing the viewing rights.

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