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Aston Martin has finally revealed the Volante version of the DB11. Of course, being an Aston martin, it is a very pretty car, if not prettier than the DB11 coupe. Being a convertible, it weighs more than the coupe that it is based upon; 110kg more than the coupe bringing the total weight to 1870kg. It’s not exactly the last word in lightness then.

However, the launch engine for the DB11 Volante is the new to Aston, 4.0 V8 twin turbo unit taken from Mercedes AMG. This means it has 503bhp and 513lb ft. This is less than its rivals however. The V12 isn’t available as of yet but may be introduced later on in the car’s lifespan. The power is delivered to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The interior remains vastly unchanged from the coupe with a few buttons which are for the roof mechanism. Speaking of which, the roof can be lowered in 14 seconds and raised in 16 seconds. This can be done at speeds up to 31mph. Rear space is limited in the Volante considering it’s a convertible and the roof and mechanism takes up a fair whack of space behind the rear seats.

The rear deck has been redesigned to suit the Volante and seems visually smaller from the rear ¾ view. The DB11 can be ordered now with deliveries starting in early 2018. Pricing starts at £159,900 before options; this is a £15,000 increase over the DB11 V8 Coupe.

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