2018 ASTON MARTIN Vantage - Daze 'n shock at first sight 📸

1y ago


Aston Martin has always meant a lot to me ; its classy, timeless and stunning Artworks appear in the 90% of my Life Dreams... yep I like dreaming a lot. Throughout the years the more new models came out, the more I liked them. Btw this time, maybe because of the extreme change in terms of design, I've been a little bit shocked both in a positive and in a negative way, at first sight. There were some cool and bad things I was regularly expecting by Aston Martin and there were something else (good and bad) I'd never expected to be on a car of This Brand.

Undoubtable POWER.

Silver hearted Vantage - Mercedes-Benz AMG 4.0 V8

By now you can read the specs everywhere else so I'm gonna pragmatically write just my thoughts about what I've been able to see and hear on the web of course. Powerful and angry engine. Happy about this collaboration with Mercedes-Benz even if I'm that kinda nostalgic guy who misses old times when most of constructors used to be independent from many aspects... As usual on nowadays cars, there are copious technologies such as the adoption of Dynamic Torque Vectoring, for the first time on an Aston Martin. Engineeringly speaking, in a nutshell : nice one, Aston!

Disputable BEAUTY.

Some friends of mine think the front remembers the new #Mazda MX5 - according to one of them, the silhouette remembers the #BMW Z4 lol ...maybe they're right!

Colors affect me a lot but don't think I could ever like or at least understand the front of this new Vantage. Ok it's time for a new era, the #DB10 was really cool AS A CONCEPT, the DB11 was (hope it still is) the right direction (in my opinion) but trying to create a "family feeling" using the same head/rearlights design on every damn model it's not a nice touch, right? So maybe Aston Martin designers had decided to combine DB10 and #DB11 to design the front side of the car? To interpolate DB10 into something? Or maybe they were just drunk? lol However what has been done there, I just don't get it. Chatting with other Petrolheads I've noticed how this new "design" is fairly sporty but way too less elegant and classy then how it was before, at least until the DB11.

About the rear side of the car, again, colors mean a lot. In my opinion the 🖍highlighter color (in the pic) doesn't fit at all, makes the whole car uglier, that's horrible. With gray instead, the entire look it's completely on another level, even that weird front becomes "acceptable".

God bless gray

I'd like to spend few words also about the interior. Really liked the way #AstonMartin made better-looking the ugliest infotainment system in the world, shared with Mercedes. (I love anything about #MercedesBenz except the current infotainment system).

The seats look just perfect and gorgeous.

Same SOUL. Or not?

Can't confirm that.

What happened to me with the McLaren 570S (didn't like so much the car when I saw it for the first time on the web, but when I went to 2017 Bologna MotorShow as soon as I saw it in person, and even sat inside, I quickly changed my mind and went crazy for it) taught me that I can't even confirm my thoughts until I meet the new Vantage for real! Hope the new Vantage will be at the next 2018 Geneva Motor Show...

Anyway judging by the stunning sound, seems the Aston Martin's Soul is still the same!

Looking forward to meet the new Vantage and to read your thoughts about it, too!

UPDATE : Much better with its Sunday finest on.

BTW, in my opinion this is still the perfect representation of POWER,BEAUTY&SOUL

The Vanquish Zagato is simply one of the top 5 most beautiful cars in the world.