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After what feels like a long time coming, Audi has revealed the all-new 2018 A7. This is a very important car for Audi as it is the brand’s rival to the Mercedes CLS, BMW 6-Series GT and even competition from the Porsche Panamera.

This new model is only just the second generation of A7, but packs a lot of features nabbed from the latest A8. A few technical firsts for the A7 include the 48V electric system, brand new engines with mild hybrid functionalities for better fuel economy and emissions, four-wheel steering and a completely revamped interior, also inspired by the A8.

Initially, the new A7 is only being offered with one engine choice, and this is the A7 55 TFSI. I have no idea what that means either. This means there is no diesel option which may seem unusual but do remember that Audi is part of the VAG Group, who was the main culprit in the infamous Dieselgate scandal.

Unlike previous Audi styling updates, the new A7 takes a leaf out of the A8’s book and applies the new styling language to the existing, sleek and sporty five door coupe bodystyle. All cabin doors are frameless which gives it a more luxurious feel to the car, and the liftback bootlid stays the same. The front of the new A7 has the massive grill Audi is sticking to all of it’s new models now and suits the shape of the A7 quite well. Oh, and the LED headlights and taillights are pretty incredible to look at too.

Speaking of the rear of the new A7, there is now a more refined, integrated active spoiler which raises at speeds higher than 75mph for increased high speed stability. In other words, the police can easily tell when you’re doing over the speed limit.

Coming in at just under 5 metres in length and 1.9 metres wide, it’s also going to be a pain to park this car. The new A7 is based on the latest version of Audi’s MLB platform, which will also be featured on the new A6 which is due sometime next year. It’s also worth to note, the new A7 is going to be slightly bigger than the upcoming A6.

The interior is much the same as the new A8 where basically half the dashboard is littered with touchscreens with varying different functions. This allows for a cleaner and more elegant look to the interior in the new A7, which also adds to it’s luxury credentials. However, the adaption of touchscreens all around on the dashboard, it will quickly become a finger print magnet.

Going back to the topic of engines, Audi have said only one petrol engine will be available at launch, but with four and six cylinder engines, both diesel and petrol, are planned to be added as soon as production grains traction.

Pricing for the new A7 haven’t been announced yet but imagine it to cost a bit more than the first gen A7 which is still for sale starting at £47,200 for an entry level 3.0 TDI model in SE Executive trim. No doubt, S7 and RS7 models will be announced within the next year or so.

So, what do you think of the new A7? Let me know in the comments below.