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2018 Audi TT: The Baby R8 You Need

Automakers Take Notes: This is how you make a sports car

3y ago

For the longest time I believed that the BMW M4 was the best 2-door sports car on the market. After driving the 2018 Audi TT my opinion has changed. The car is more than just a pretty german coupe, it a Jekyll and Hyde in the best way possible.


Whether you like German cars, American muscle, or JDM drifters I'm sure you can agree the Audi TT looks really good. In the past the TT might not have been the best looking sports car on the market. The previous generations looked a bit.... dopey. For this generation, Audi took a big step back and made some important changes. The completely redesigned TT looks outstanding. The angular lines on the grill and bumper of the car give the little TT a big presence. From the grill your eyes flow to Audi's signature LED headlights that give the car a sense of sophistication while still maintaining the the sporty styling. On the back of the car things start to get exciting. This next feature shows that Audi isn't just making a sporty looking luxury car, but a full on sports car. Perched on the back of the car is the best looking adaptive rear wing that has ever been put on a sports car. So not only does the wing look great, but it also works! I can't think of another car for the price that will give you a full adaptive wing. While each of these features are outstanding on their own, together they make what in my opinion is the best looking sports car on the market.


The interior of the TT is the first thing that set it apart from it's competitors. Sport car makers today focus most of their attention of how the car drives and puts the actual usability and interior quality on the back burner. Sure the drivability is probably the most important part of a sports car, but you also want something you can drive everyday. The interior of the TT is nothing short of perfect. The styling is that of a supercar that would cost you far more. In fact, it is so good you would have trouble differentiating it from it's v10 bigger brother the R8. Every material you can touch feels high quality. My car had the optional S sport seats that would easily put Ferrari and Lamborghini to shame. Thats not even a joke. In all of the supercars I've driven, these were without a doubt the best seats. The leather bolsters and sides gave them a luxurious feel while the alcantara with diamond stitching felt soft and sporty. Even though they were the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in, they also held you in the center of the seat even on the hardest turn the TT could manage. They still had 12-way adjustment with excellent heat at the click of a button. The flat-bottom steering wheel made for a comfortable drive while also providing an excellent shape for gripping the wheel tight while turning sharply around a corner. The technology is another high point of the TT. If you haven't had the pleasure of using the virtual cockpit you're missing out. Before I drove the car, I thought I would miss having a center screen for all of my navigation, media, and etc. but you quickly realize how great the cockpit is. Everything you could possibly need is at the touch of a button. The system is very intuitive and will quickly become your favorite part of the interior. Now it's time to talk about the Achilles heel of all sports cars, the storage room. It is important to remember that you can compare all factors of a car to every other car. That would be like rating the speed of a Ford F-150 in comparison to a Ferrari 488. They're different types of cars with different talents. As sports cars go, the TT may have some of the best storage available. The trunk is large and spacious and if you need more room, fold down the rear seats. Even compared to a regular sedan the storage in the Audi is still pretty good. You definitely won't be using the sports car to move, but you'll have plenty of room for a vacation getaway to the beach. The Audi TT has one of the best interiors on the market, especially for the price.


The best way to describe the TT's performance is surprising. I took a few people on a ride and asked them to guess how much power the little car had. The passengers were a mix of car enthusiast and regular people. The verdict? Everyone who went for a ride said the car had at least 350 horsepower. How much does it really have? 220 horsepower from a 4-cylinder engine. The peppy 4 banger coupled with the Quattro system makes the car feel remarkably quick. There was no point that I really wished for more power. It's quickness wasn't the only impressive part of the car. The suspension is outstanding. The car is just as comfortable cruising around the city as it was speeding around tight corners. The car handled excellently at every challenge I could throw at it. This brings me to my favorite point of the car, the different drive modes. This might be a relatively unimportant feature of the car but it was by far my favorite. In so many cars today, you can switch between comfort, sports, and a myriad of other drives modes without actually feeling a difference. In the TT you will definitely notice, trust me. In comfort, the TT is a comfortable car with smooth suspension and a quiet cabin. When you switch the car into dynamic sport, it is a totally different beast. The suspension is significantly more firm, the steering is more precise, and the throttle response is 10 times faster. You can now mash the pedal and hear the roar of the exhaust as you fly down the road. I like this feature so much because it shows the commitment of Audi to really make a daily drivable sports car, not a car with silly gimmicks.


If you cannot tell already, I am a big fan of the TT. You can get a great sports car with a luxury interior for a really great price. The car is a great deal. If you doubt me, go drive one. If for some reason you want more power, go try a TTS. Even the TTS is still less expensive than a base model corvette and will be leagues more luxurious. I truly believe Audi has created the new king of the sports cars. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

I'd like to thank Audi Atlanta for letting me drive the TT. If you're looking for a new or used car go to Audi Atlanta on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Everyone there is outstanding and will help you find your perfect car. I was not paid in any way to make this article.

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