2018 BMW M5: Quick Impression.

600 Horsepower: Check. AWD: Check. Prior experience in an M5? Nope.

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BMW has been making the M5 faster, more powerful, and more of a hoot ever since its inception. The super-saloon has fans worldwide and for good reason. So when RMAP’s annual RMDE (Rocky Mountain Drive Event) came around and I saw that there was one in the fleet, I knew I had to score a ride (or two) in the M5. Having done so, here’s what I thought.


Photo Credit: BMW.

Photo Credit: BMW.

With 600 horsepower on tap and 553 lb-ft of torque, it should be without question that the M5 is fast. Add AWD into the equation and you have a mathematical recipe for splitting apart an atom.

The sheer, relentless surge of power from the M5’s twin-turbo V8 is hard not to enjoy in a childish manner. Giggling and potentially cackling as you rumble down the road in a German executive sedan with more power than ever necessary. The M5 is the car that best symbolizes what it means to have a dual personality. If you’re just cruising, using the M5 as a normal car, it doesn’t give you much indication that it has such immense power under the hood. Step on the gas though, and the M5 instantly turns its focus into being A: A massive laugh. And B: A proper, focused performance car that doesn’t joke around.

The Interior Is (Unsurprisingly) Luxurious.

Photo Credit: BMW.

Photo Credit: BMW.

We’ve all heard the jokes about BMW’s supposedly terrible I-Drive system (most of those joke I remember came from TG). I didn’t mess with the infotainment, so I can’t comment on how good-or-bad the infotainment system is. I can comment on the rest of the interior though. Sitting in the front, it’s quite evident just how many buttons there are on the center stack. I suppose it could be worse, but the most intuitive thing in the whole center stack is the HVAC functions. They’re not hard, but I do wish they were given a slightly bigger priority in terms of how much space they were given in the dash. They’re squished below what I believe to be the radio buttons. Most of which I have no idea what they do outside of the volume control and mode button. There seems to be a CD slot and I think the buttons below that are for radio/CD presets? In any case, the center stack looks nice. I just wish the buttons weren’t so close together.

Moving to the back, legroom was more than sufficient and there were sun deflectors on the doors. Yep, not just on the rear window, but also on the rear passenger doors too. The seats were comfy (in front and back), the leather was a nice tan with a high-quality look and feel, the center console has much the same problems as the center stack: the buttons are too close together and there’s a few too many of them.

The instrument cluster is completely digital, which I normally detest. On the M5, they did make a small effort to make it look like more than just a screen in front of your face by putting small. Silver outlines around speedometer and tachometer (as well as around the fuel and temperate gauges). I’d prefer more details, but it’s good enough for me.

Overall, I really, really, really liked the interior. It was very luxurious and well designed. The only thing I disliked about it was how it muffled the V8 more than I’d like.

The Ride Was Comfortable without being Flaccid.

These days, it’s not overly difficult to have a sporty car with a comfortable ride, and the M5 is no different. Even in the normal modes for the transmission, steering, suspension and so on, it doesn’t become the soggy bowl of disgusting wheat paste I had as a child (I really don’t understand the obsession with cereal and milk).

Comfortable in one instance, and sporty in another. Really, they should just call the car "fast sedan mcTwoFace"..

I Have Mixed Feelings about the Exhaust Note.

No, I don’t think the M5 sounds as good as a Mustang Bullit… comparatively. On its own, the M5 does sound pretty good, but not particularly inspiring or unique to me. Again, it doesn’t sound bad. Yet it almost sounds like a Forza Horizon 4 car audio file. Not very unique or inspiring, but not terrible either.

That’s it! Those are my thoughts on the 2018 BMW M5! If you enjoyed then feel free to comment down below. See you soon.

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