2018 Hyundai Elantra Backseat Review: Tales of a Disgruntled Teenager

A semi-personal narrative from someone whose first car he could drive was an Elantra named after an amphibian.

Despite being a family of avid car enthusiasts, our household didn't welcome its own vehicle until 2018, when we introduced a blue Elantra to its new home.

Now, the Elantra is an absolute darling of a little sedan. It drives cleanly and is definitely a great beginning driver's car. The 2018 Elantra came in 6 trims, all of which have a good range of default options but all have clear differences amongst them, with additions such as adaptive cruise control, an improved speaker system, heated steering wheel, and an assortment of other commodities.

For a family car, the Elantra is definitely a suitable choice. The prices, quality, and comfort of the car are quite good, especially compared to other brands selling similar cars, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and Honda. It's also smaller than the Sonata, a similar car sold by Hyundai. The standard speaker system is well-made, perfect for your angsty children to make you listen to the latest 17-year-old girl singing about depression they like so much. The only true complaint I've heard has been from a very tall friend, who claims his head grazes the ceiling constantly.

Overall, the Elantra is a deserving car, and even if this review was hardly technical, it's an opinion piece on a quality Korean family sedan. I hope this proved useful to someone, whoever you may be.

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