2018 Hyundai Elantra GL

I know that Hyundai is a forbidden car at the Grand Tour, but they make excellent city cars! I will risk to say that I love my Elantra ;)

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I received an e-mail from Hyundai Canada that read “We invite you to write a review on Hyundai Elantra. If you have ever used customer reviews yourself, you know how valuable they can be.”

So I’ve decided to put my Elantra’s review ahead of a number of others. First, I would say that this model deserves to be called best value for money. Korean auto manufacturers proved that cars could be inexpensive, but reliable at the same time.

Step by step, Hyundai has been gaining the market over the past 10 years. The reputation of cheap and not very good cars is left in the past, with new Hyundais made for driving with comfort.

The Hyundai Elantra comes in a few models. The GL is a basic sedan. It has many safety features, which are most likely becoming a standard in the industry. Absolutely great exterior! It looks better than the price on its tag. Enough room for a tall driver and passengers. It feels very nice on the road.

I will list the main features first and then go deeper into details. It has blind spot detectors, a rear view camera, parking assist, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel with great temperature control, heated side mirrors and a rear window. The tab screen allows to navigate through the function set up, radio, external music, connects to your cellphone and shows Google maps and Waze for navigation, as well as allows to adjust the map from the screen. Bluetooth works directly from your cellphone to the car (keys on the steering wheel or on the tab screen) or via Android Auto. Voice commands for calls and texting. Three modes of driving (Sport, Eco and normal), as well as the ability to switch to manual transmission operation, if more control is needed.

Elantra GL has 2.0 L inline 4-cyl engine, 147 hp. Just enough.

I drive in the worst conditions – rush hour traffic in the city. Gas consumption in the city (heavy traffic) is 8.3 l/100 km – one tank for 540 km. It gets closer to 7 L / 100 km on highways and mixed drives. The best consumption recorded for this specific car was 4.1 L/ 100 km (no traffic, 90 kmh, hills).

Blind spot sensors are more useful than annoying, could be turned on and off, heated mirrors and rear window are nice at winter. Backup camera has a wide angle, helps to see pedestrians and/or moving cars on the parking. However, the parking assistance is useless for me, because I trust geometry. Also, those lines aren’t very accurate.

Trunk has a lot of space, I like it. All seats are designed for tall people; there is plenty of room for legs. To be honest, I am a bit unhappy with the back of the driver’s seat – it forces me to bend my back, which is not very comfy in longer drives.

The steering wheel has basic dashboard navigation – mileage, maintenance, music. Control for phone dial and cruise control. I surprised myself by using heated option, but it is nice to have on chilly morning drives. Another positive detail – the steering wheel is covered with soft material instead of hard plastic.

The screen is intuitive, easy to navigate, and features easy-to-reach buttons. Allows to connect a cellphone for GPS navigation. The car has only one USB port, which is really sad, because it doesn’t have a CD player.

Sound system in Elantra is very good! With my little blue car, I realised that sound is extremely important for me.

So far, I am very happy with this model. Definitely would recommend Elantra for someone who is looking for a sedan. It is a nice combination of a city car with low fuel consumption and a comfortable vehicle for camping and local travelling. While going off-road, don’t forget that it has a low ground clearance. Deep snow, branches, and potholes could break the car.


• Fuel efficient

• Nice looking

• Affordable

• Spacious

• Smooth on the road

• Plenty of features that previously were exclusive to luxury cars

• Supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay

• Heated steering wheel

• Sound system


• Design of driver’s seat (I spend in the car more than 2 hours daily, I feel it)

• 1 USB port

• Found a glitch in Bluetooth connection. Have to investigate if it’s caused by car’s Bluetooth, Android Auto or a specific cellphone

• Parking assist is not very accurate, blind spot detectors fail in heavy rain or snow

• Cruise control drops the speed going downhill. I hope drivers behind me would keep their distance

• Relatively low ground clearance

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