Do you remember my review of the Hyundai Elantra? So this is the same car. I mean, the insides of it are built from the Elantra's parts - same engine, gear, so on. The difference is in the exterior - the body of KIA has visual differences; and in the interior - cheaper materials, simpler design, and less features.

So let's start. I drove 1800 km on this car. I really appreciated the switch from Chevy Cruze to KIA. The 2018 KIA Forte LX AT (basic trim) is a nice car for everyday commute. It's efficient on gas, spacious: gives enough room for back seat passengers and can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk. Performance wise, the moment that I started the car I heard the Elantra! When I released the brakes and pushed on the gas, I felt the same Elantra. So it is the Elantra, but with a cheaper exterior and in a different body.

By the way, if you are looking for a really good car, check the KIA Forte 5! I was surprised when I learned about it. Basically, it's the engine of the sports Veloster and body of the Elantra GT. Happened to be an excellent combination. Thinking to get one for a test drive.


Good little car

Fuel efficient

Powerful enough

Cheap - MSRP:$ 18,595

Has rear view camera

Compatible with iPhone and Android Auto

Intuitive design

Almost excellent for those who prefers simplicity

Good stereo after Chevy!!!

Heated front seats

3 driving modes - standard, eco and sport


Sounds it makes (bluetooth calls, turn signals, etc)

Too plastic

Cruise control is not very stable (Elantra GL was the same)

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