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2018 Lexus GS-F Review

The High-Performance Lexus F Line:

Lexus isn't known for creating super fast vehicles but with their F line, they are changing that image. Over the past several years, Lexus has put a lot of effort into making some very exciting vehicles. The GS-F and RC-F are the frontrunners but let's not forget about the stunning LC500, while not an F line vehicle, still very performance worthy. With the F line, you will see a high output V-8 engine, increased aerodynamic efficiency and a performance-focused suspension.

Sharp Exterior Styling:

Even though the Lexus GS-F hasn't been updated in several years, it still looks sharp in my eyes. It has a large muscular stance with wide body panels that flare out over the rear wheels, a carbon fiber lip spoiler, slick quad exhaust tips, and stunning racing wheels. The GS-F is also equipped with an ultra high-performance braking system which has cool looking calipers unique to F models. The headlights and brake lights also add a sporty flair to the design as they are specific to the GS-F. Personally, I really do love these wide-body sedans, while the GS-F doesn't have as many styling points as an M5, you can still tell it means business.

The F Driving Experience:

Do you like to rip around a track in comfort and luxury? Well, that's really what the GS-F was made for. It's a truly comfortable sedan which can be very aggressive if you just flip a switch. The 5.0L V-8 cranks out a heart-pounding 467 horses and 389 lb-ft of torque. These numbers are relatively small compared to an M5 or E63, but it still manages to hit 60 in 4.5 seconds. The naturally aspirated V-8 sounds intoxicating especially when you pass the 4,000 rpm mark which is when the V-8 really comes alive. Lexus has also included a torque vectoring differential which really makes a big difference when putting rubber down and staying on the road during quick maneuvers. The GS-F is not as fast as the competition and it can feel a little heavy but it's also very comfortable and still very fun and engaging to drive.

The Seats Are Incredible:

The GS-F has some seriously comfortable not to mention incredibly cool looking racing seats. The F logo is branded in the headrest while stitching adds a unique contrast to the rest of the design. Some racing seats can be too tight but these are just the perfect size which makes driving for hours enjoyable.

Dated Multimedia System:

The multimedia system looks as though it came directly out of a 2012 Lexus. Oh wait, it basically did. It's unfortunate the system is so dated, it really loses the GS some points. However, it always worked flawlessly, so points for reliability. It's also controlled by a funky joystick which can be annoying and tedious to use.

Basic Interior Design:

It's been a hot minute since the GS-F has seen any interior updates and it shows. Especially when it comes to the plain design which is minimalistic and plain. Thankfully it still features high-quality finishes like Alcantara throughout the cabin, blue stitching, and extra soft leather.

The GS-F Is Fun & Fast:

If you're looking for the fastest super sedan then the GS-F is not for you, get an M5 or E63 AMG. However, if you're looking for a stylish luxury sedan with a lot of performance attributes which comes at a steep discount then the GS-F could be just the right car for you.

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