2018 Mazda6 Signature 2.5T Review

2018 Mazda6 Signature 2.5T Review

By: Kyle Edward

Stylish With More Attitude Then Ever:

I've always been a fan of the Mazda design philosophy which is to create something that embodies life in a dynamic way and forge metal from that feeling. When I look at the Mazda6 Signature, I think of fully blossomed redbud's which bring an imidate sense of joy and beauty to the mind and eye. It's bigger than life itself, it's the soul of design. I believe the Mazda6 perfectly captures this philosophy with unique modern wheels, a special high-end grill and stunning LED daytime running lights. Even the light housings themselves have a meticulous design. The Mazda6 has been running with the same body since 2014 yet it still feels fresh. When you can continue a design for that many years and still look stunning, you know you've done something right. The Signature model nudges its way into luxury sedan territory with a starting price of $34,750 and manages to look the part too. You can honestly put the 6 Signature head to head with a base 3 Series or A4 and still walk away impressed.

Class Leading Interior Design:

Mazda has always been successful in creating interiors which feel far above their price point. With the Signature line, they really went above and beyond. Napa leather lines the seats, while natural sen wood and Ultrasuede lines the dashboard and door panels. Not only did they get the materials right, but the way in which they have been implemented throughout the cabin is flawless. The door panels are soft and sturdy, stitching throughout is on point and the knobs feel like something out of an Audi. It's a minimalistic yet modern interior execution which has always earned the Mazda6 a lot of accolades in this department from many automotive journalists like me.

New Digital Gauge Cluster:

In the past, I was never a fan of Mazda instrument clusters. I found them to have a very boring, bland design. However, introduced this year is an entirely new cluster with a digital speedo and crisp backlight gauges with modern white needles. A big improvement over the previous design.

The Cameras Are Everywhere:

If you're looking for tech features then the Mazda6 will please. The Signature model comes loaded with the latest gadgets like distance guided cruise control with stop/start, lane keep assist, smart break with collision warning, a heads-up display and six different camera views, including birdseye. If you hit something then you were just not looking. If you were looking for a comparable BMW or AUDI with all these features you would be looking at well into the mid to high 40s. Where the Mazda6 signature fully loaded is around 35k, so it's a great value proposition too.

Rockin New 2.5T Engine:

For 2018, Mazda has introduced their 2.5T which is a 2.5-liter direct-injection turbocharged setup. It is the first turbocharged unit of the Skyactiv-G engine series which powers Mazda’s midsize crossover SUV CX-9 and now the Mazda6. It produces 250 hp @ 5,000 rpm and a stunning 310 lb-ft of torque from just 2,000 RPM. The torque really gives the 6 a powerful feel when driving around town or passing on the highway. Plus you get excellent fuel economy with 23 city 31 highway. In my opinion, the standard normally aspirated engine always heald the Mazda6 back rated at just 184 hp. Combining the new 2.5T engine with the sporty handling characteristics of the Mazda6 make it one of the best driving cars in the segment. Although it's still one of the slowest with a 0-60 time of 6.4 seconds. But with all that torque on tap at such a low RPM level, it doesn't feel slow at all. It's certainly one of my favorites to drive.

Top Segment Choice:

If you're looking for a sporty driving experience, class-leading interior and a modern stylish exterior then the Mazda6 is a fantastic option for you. With a starting price of $21,950 for the base model and a manual transmission option, you can craft one to fit your needs. However, if you're looking for an extremely soft, quiet ride with even more space then the Honda Accord would be a better choice. The Mazda6 is more youthful and looks the part while the Accord would be better suited for those looking for a family orientated sedan.

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